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AWS re:Invent announcements: The Mobile Hub

The launch of AWS Mobile Hub Service was something that really excited me at the AWS re:Invent. As per Werber Vogels (Amazon CTO), “What we see often is that mobile developers are really good on the device. They find that backend stuff really hard. So what can we do to make mobile development much simpler.”

The all new mobile hub solves the problem here. Instead of having to set up lots of different services, the new Mobile Hub will allow Android and iOS developers to pick and configure the services they need for their apps and Amazon will then run those features on Lambda. Options here include the ability to set up user logins, user data storage, app analytics and other features.

It is a new console that provides an integrated experience for discovering, configuring, and accessing AWS cloud services for building, testing, and monitoring usage of mobile apps. With the AWS Mobile Hub, you can select and configure features to add to your mobile app. AWS Mobile Hub features combine AWS services, client SDKs, and client integration code that make it fast and easy to add new capabilities to your mobile app.


Being a mobile developer, I can say this is one of the most exciting service for  developers like me because it can automatically setup and code cloud services as per our need in just a few clicks.

Some of services that you can configure and get running code using few clicks are:

1) Users Sign-In with Public Identity or own Sign In System powered by Amazon Cognito

2) Push Notification Services powered by Amazon SNS

3) Store Files for your users using Amazon S3

and much more. It also automatically create resources required fourths services. Just get the code and either use it as a base for your new app or use code from this app to be use in your pre-existing app by copy paste. So at last you have a freedom to choose. These are the most common services which a mobile developer needs oftenly and if these services are available are just few click ahead than i must say this is none better than anything.


For Testing, AWS Mobile Hub is linked with AWS Device Farm. With this you can test your app on real devices without the need of purchasing real devices.


AWS Mobile Hub provide easy solution to App Analytics and Monitoring by automatically creating and linking the app you create to its other fantastic service i.e. AWS Mobile Analytics.

So overall you are ready with running code in just a few minute using this awesome service by Amazon. All set to use Mobile Hub for my future testing needs.

Want to learn more about how you can leverage the Mobile Hub solutions for your apps?

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