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Auto Proctor - Modern Instruments for Fraud-Proof Exams

The world has been changing its paths from offline to online in almost every field. Now we can enter any service for web search and we find the best apps to deliver auto proctor services as soon as possible. One more thing has been added to the online or digital markets that are exams by the schools and colleges as well as the recruitment tests handled by some major MNCs. There has been a trend these days to take online tests for major recruitment procedures. These auto proctored exams are a success among so many institutions. One of the major plus points is that their many ways a proctor can take care of the examinees while performing their test.

There is so much filled in the benefits package for online auto proctor featured tests. The magic of being online is one is in the touch of everything that is trending. But there are two sides of each coin that has to be shown at the right time. Since it is the beginning of the online proctoring era, there are mostly benefits pulled out from the features. Generally, there are 3 types of online proctoring system but most common is the auto proctoring based system which is AI-enabled with a highly advanced setup to promote the fraudulent free exams to be conducted without risking everyone’s life in this still pandemic period which is not going to end soon. It would be suitable to switch to the online mode but with safe and secure access.

Its features are the following: 

Candidate authentication:

This happens in offline mode as well but the online mode has certain different features as compared to the conventional one. It is suitable to add your exam list via online mode as it will avoid the high scale of cheating as well. As the system is AI-enabled, so it will be easier for the Proctor to recognise the movements on the screen as well as the changing of the tabs as well. Though the tabs will be blocked by all means in case it has happened, it will be monitored at that moment and the candidate will be disqualified. It will be a safe and secure process while focusing on other projects as well. The software can handle 10 -11 students at a time.

Secure browser:

There are times when the system cannot work because of faults in the browser. Here it cannot happen. The system has been checked several times to be presented for the exams to ensure the credibility and accuracy of the examinations. It allows the official to conduct any exam on the trust of that secure browser system. Several companies have started preparing for their auto proctor exams in the online mode because of the secured connections so that there is no chance to go for cheating in the same line. No matter how many exams are being conducted, the system will react the same every time. It uniquely controls the system so that the candidate cannot even move his eyes from the screen. There are such strict rules which will avoid any wrong practice.

Detailed reports:

After the auto proctor exam has ended, it shows clearly how many students have performed as per their convenience. The system shows a detailed report analysis done by the AI-enabled system presented by the human proctors sitting behind the connections. It provides the report of the in-depth analysis of the candidate during the test whether he moved out of his chair or did he scroll his eyes away from the screen, did he look below the screens to find the answers in the book. Were there any distractions while the test was going on. All these questions are finally answered in the analysis. Based on the results, the system has to go through some changes required before the next exam. It also shows the score of the candidate achieved by him in the test.

There are three types of proctoring system that helps officials to conduct exams online with utmost safety and security. However, there are certain features which differentiate those three types based on particular headings. It is known as the tips to choose the correct system for the respective set of exams. The benchmark headings are as follows:

  1. Scalability:

It is known as the ratio being handled by the system during an online test. Live auto proctor services can handle the ratio up to 1:32 that is one proctor per 32 students. It is all because of the AI-enabled system’s merits. Recorded proctoring is highly scalable as the proctor is required while the review is going on. Thus, on this point, we can choose the best system for our users to get the best and cheat-free results in the scheduled time.

  1. Flexibility:

In terms of flexibility, auto proctor is not much flexible for online tests. Both the proctors and students have to be present during the test. Yes, it provides an in-depth analysis report but it also involves the risk of disclosing the questions for the candidates. Automated proctoring shows more flexibility as it will connect to the multiple videos at the same time but it does not provide the instant report as the review will come later in the process. Recorded proctoring is highly flexible as it performs the functions better than others. Candidates schedule their test at the given time and they are proctored simultaneously without any breaks using automated algorithms.

We can conclude from the above points that there can be some problems occurring while choosing from different options but the experience will be highly suitable for the officials who know what to choose based on their factors. It involves some costs as well in which the live proctoring is considered the most expensive and the next expensive is automated proctoring. Recorded proctoring involves less cost for a particular test. There are many factors which should be taken into consideration while choosing the best system. There are certainly more benefits arising out of all the features as this system have two sides we have to take care while using it regularly.

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