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Artificial Intelligence Learning

Artificial Intelligence Learning (AI) is also known as Machine Intelligence or a wide range in the field of Computer science that is concerned with building smart machines that can perform the task more effectively and accurately. Term Artificial Intelligence was first found in the year of 1955. Artificial Intelligence can also be referred to as Machines that can mimic human actions like thinking and problem-solving. As the use of Artificial intelligence is increasing day by day, labor resources are being cut down in most of the organizations. A revolutionary feat in the field of computer science has been seen after introducing Artificial Intelligence. Today, all industries including tech, Hospitals, and different organizations are using Artificial intelligence to make their work easy, fast, and error-free.

An Algorithm is a very essential part of Artificial Intelligence. An Algorithm refers to a set of unambiguous instructions and by using these instructions, a mechanical computer can execute programs or solves problems. The main purpose of Artificial Intelligence includes reasoning and learning with some perception.

Categories of Artificial Intelligence Learning

Artificial Intelligence can be categorized into two types. I.e. Weak Artificial Intelligence and Strong Artificial intelligence.

  • Weak Artificial Intelligence: -Amazon's Alexa, Google Assistant, Image recognition software, and Cortana are some examples of Weak AI that use a limited or narrow part of the mind. This AI also refers to Narrow AI.
  • Strong Artificial intelligence: - An application that can think and act like humans are Strong Artificial Intelligence. These kinds of Applications have more complex systems. Operation rooms of Hospitals and Self- Driving cars are some examples of strong Artificial intelligence.  It is also known as Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

Applications of Artificial Intelligence Learning

There are endless applications in the field of Artificial Intelligence. These kinds of applications are now being used in different sectors like AI applications are used and being tested in the field of healthcare industries for the treatment of patients and also in operating rooms or surgical procedures.

Artificial Intelligence has taken a tremendous growth in the field of Finance sectors also. In these sectors, Applications are being used in large account deposits, unusual debit, and credit cards. These applications are also used to detect doubtful activities in the finance and banking systems.

Career Opportunity

Nowadays Artificial Intelligence is great in scope for making a career. Data Scientist, Business Intelligence Develop, Machine Learning Engineer, Big Data Engineer, Research Scientist are some of the main roles for which companies like Amazon, IBM, Samsung, Facebook, Adobe, and Microsoft are hiring in the field of Artificial Intelligence.


Though uses and applications of Artificial Intelligence are increasing day by day and it is refining all sectors like banking, healthcare, schools, etc. But some challenges are also therein this field like Collecting and utilizing relevant data, Man Power, Integration AI, Bias, Legal issues, etc. According to a study by using applications of Artificial Intelligence any business can increase their productivity by up to 40%.  AI applications are more reliable and consistent as compared to Humans.

Hence AI applications are now changing and making our lives better if used in the correct way. These applications are creating new jobs in each field whether it is school, college, business, finance or Healthcare.  It is reducing paper-work and hence making responses quicker. The increasing use of AI is impacting human life and every industry and in future AI is going to change the world.

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