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Artificial Intelligence in smartphones – Changing the Way Consumers Use Phones

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have managed to reach a whole new level with the advanced technology. It has influenced human interaction at a huge level with devices and machines. AI technology has managed to become an essential part of our life. It has given a drastic change in the technical world. One such technology change is for smartphones. Over the last year, the smartphone has seen an immense change in artificial intelligence. It is not difficult to understand that artificial intelligence has given human-like intelligence and development in machines.

Artificial Intelligence is influencing the technical world for approximately 5 years now. Whether it is AI devices, software, application and smartphones. Especially the top companies such as Google and Amazon have introduced us with some of the amazing AI-based products including Google Assistant and Alexa. Even big companies depend on it to enhance online presence. Apart from this, the addition of AI in the smartphones have worked as a great transformation process.

Start of smartphone with Artificial Intelligence

It all started with the dream to make machines help in the form of robots. The human-like machinery has become the major goal of technology. It allows us to work in a much more efficient way than we can predict. Also, the efficiency rate is increasing at a vast rate with mainstream media. On top of that, the environment of the AI focuses on maintaining the environment of a human. Hence, comes the machine learning.

With time, it has moved from robots to other technologies. It has started to inquire people, reach them out and start to influence them at a huge rate. The device implementation of artificial intelligence has managed to show some remarkable changes over time. On top of that, it is only possible due to the internet era that has taken the centre stage.

One of such implementation is of smartphone that depends on a smartphone. This integration has taken the AI to a whole new level. Especially after Pokémon, it has gained a lot of popularity over time. Now, the new series of phones are launched that such as ZenFone 5 that is AI-powered. The topmost feature of this phone is for the camera that understands user requirement and adjusts accordingly.

This is just a small glimpse of AI technology in phones. It also allows an individual to enhance the overall performance. Hence, the phone is extremely famous for its high performance, especially for heavy games and applications. On top of that, it also can predict the application that you are going to use or an application that is regularly used.

Reasons to add Artificial Intelligence

As a matter of fact. It is not difficult to understand the reason for companies to implement AI. The reasons are simple and extremely essential to help in future growth. Some of them are:

1. Customer expectation

We have experienced the recommendation process of an e-commerce site. ‘People also bought’ is something that is generated by companies as per the requirement, searches and orders history of a customer. This is also a different type of AI that is implemented by the firm. If we calculate the estimation that, AI has taken over 90 per cent of the present online world. The main goal of such change is to enhance the experience of a user.

Hence, people are now expecting such technology in order to thrive and try something new. In addition to this, they are never disappointed with AI. Especially since e-commerce has implemented it as a virtual simulation of the products.

2. It is a requirement now

As a manufacturer, there is almost nothing left that can help in improving the quality of a smartphone. They have worked out on almost everything such as camera quality, internal storage, etc. For instance, the successfully iPhone. There are not many updates in the models apart from hardware, memory and processor.

Hence, it has started to show some effect on the market as well. In addition to this, a common man usually uses their phone for approximately 2 years on an average. But now the shift is seen for approximately 2 and half year due to no new change. This requires some major shift in the industry now otherwise it can start to fall off.

3. Advanced lock system

Gone are the days of keeping pin code or password on your handset. Now, it is the time to move towards a new shift that allows having an advanced version of the Smartphone. In addition to this, machine learning and artificial intelligence follow different algorithms that allow them to follow a certain pattern. It can be face recognition system or finger biometric system.

The Face ID system is one of the most used systems that is becoming extremely popular. It won’t be a surprising thing to see a diverse change in the locking system in the near future. The identification with voice, hand or maybe the palm scan. You never know where it will take us next.

4. Application marketing

AI and smartphones have a wide effect on the marketing application as well. The essential job done by a marketer is to maintain and collect information to set online and offline data mode. This type of pattern is extremely time-consuming and takes a lot of efforts. In addition to this, the hard work and efforts put in the work can be drastic.

For such a daunting job, the ray of hope is Smartphones that are based on AI technology. There are applications that allow an individual to research and analyze the history of purchase. With the help of this history, one can easily earn more than 40 per cent of productivity level. This type of application is generally used in marketing application but now automated sales are becoming the latest trend as well.

The future is here

In 2018, we have seen a lot of things that are invented from the principle of AI. Some of the tools and devices become extremely popular while others are still in the upgrade from to check on its working phase. One such thing that happens is the revamp and the unveiling of our traditional devices to enhance the experience of users. In the coming year, we can only expect this trend to grow with the adoption of AI in the business and slowly but gradually depending on it.

The intelligent camera has helped us to have a hassle-free selfie or a picture to ensure that we enjoy our time instead of spending time in adjusting settings. We can expect a mirrorless camera or maybe a controller for gaming for a mobile device.

It is just the starting when it comes to smartphone and AI. If anything, we have only taken a step ahead towards a future that holds a lot of things for us. We can expect a lot of change and the most important trend in the future. The support that AI has received is impressible. The footprint that it is leaving in the technology world is the sign that it is going to stay here for a longer period of time than what we can predict.

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