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Artificial Intelligence to augment Human Intelligence

When anyone talks about the future of the technical world, Artificial intelligence always gets the front row seat. However, there is a number of times when people have questioned the existence of AI due to their fear of robot taking over a human. But it is not a solid reason to stop the advancement of AI at a fast pace. Well, it is not new since in 1970 people were not that open to the idea of computers as well. Even though, in today’s time, they have become the most essential part of everyone’s life.

The paradigm shift that we have witnessed earlier between computer and human is now going to a whole new level with the involvement of artificial intelligence to it. They are here to assist us in our business, companies and personal work. If we talk about a fact, they are not the one that are taking over human jobs, if anything, they are laying off a strong foundation that can open up millions of opportunities.AI is amplifying the intelligence of a human instead of replacing it.

There is no doubt that AI and human if worked together, can be at the top of the technology game. This has been proved by AI every now and then with new achievements and ideas incorporated in the business world. Especially with the addition of the e-commerce and AI new advancement that has given a line of insight to the industry.

If a human was able to achieve 80 per cent success rate earlier in any field then now the percentage in increases to 99.5 per cent. On top of that, now there are so many artificial intelligence run medical advancement that is widely popular. Now, augmented intelligence can easily predict the elements such as sex, age, weight and even the diseases that are surrounded by cardiovascular.

Big Data

AI has come up with a set of opportunity with the complementing technology that is now enabling a lot of force in the market. However, data has come up with a potency due to smartphone technology, cloud computing and even the social media. These are many others that are generating data and selling it off in the market after a lot of processing.

Then there is the Internet of Things (IoT), smart sensors, and even the connectivity applications that are adding up a lot of value to the store's data about several domains including medical, traffic, pollution, climate, weather, and so on. With the increase in the volume of data, the world is slowing coming up to the terms of achieving and smoldering the technical field. There are so many solutions already available for the issues that were a threat to human existence.

This includes the increase in pollution, treatment of cancer and even the idea of the smarter building are coming into existence. This is all due to only one single invention and that is – augmented human intelligence. You can give credits to deep learning as well.

Deep learning

Human intelligence and deep learning are the ones that can perfectly go hand in hand. They have seen the applications at such a large scale in many areas especially where deployment of AI is the top criteria. Then there are human that are crowding those areas, some of them are training, supervising while other are simply analyzing the whole system. Whether you talk about disaster management, facial recognition, fraud detection or modeling, deep learning is almost everywhere now.

The different domains that are taking advantage of deep learning are climate modeling, space science and healthcare. And if our predictions are correct then the time is not far away when you will be seeing the application of deep learning in every single industry as a frontier.

Right context

If you are in touch with Big Data then you might also know the forms in which data can be found – scattered, hidden and entrenched. You might also know that there is no saying that data is complete as it can never be done. However, with such a huge volume of data comes a different way to tackle it in which the data is modified as per a pattern and then hidden associate decipher it to check out the true context of that data.

The main thing is that one single has a lot of meaning. Let us take the famous world of Cloud as an example. Cloud is the mass of white Smokey looking object in the sky while it is entirely different in terms of computing. Similarly, there is a number of terms that decipher a different meaning but it is essential to find out the actual context of that text.

The main drawback is that the machines that are used to derive the actual context or insight sometimes fail to come out of decode. They might have adopted a few human qualities but are still far away from achieving the mindset level as a human. You can consider it as a puzzle, deep learning science simply don’t know where to place a few of the pieces. Hence, it requires human intelligence that gives insight and data rate offer accuracy.

Humanizing matters

AI is surrounded with curiosity, doubt and fear which has no end to it. The main buzz is the main interaction it has with a human. However, now time is changing and so is the mentality of people, they are now accepting AI with the paradigm shift in technology. Alexa of Amazon and Siri of Apple has actually contributed a lot in this shift and have managed to make people understand what actual human intelligence is like.

On top of that, 70 per cent of the human population favour chatbots and Ai technology interaction instead of human. Hence, it is safe to say that it is working just fine with human and if anything is helping them at a standard level. But there are few lagging points that must be taken under consideration to make it best for human use. There are prospects such as personality donors, which can actually donate their personality in a small value to see how human interaction with AI will go after that.

However, apart from this, AI has managed to work just fine with an angry customer who doesn’t require an irritating customer executive to deal with their problem. Instead, now they have a calm and composed replica of human interaction that can help them to reach their point in a polite manner. Just a few more changes and we will be welcoming the most advanced form of AI within us in a few months or years.

Yes, the change scares many people and it is absolutely nature since the Movie industry has shown us almost all the negative aspect of robots. However, the digital industrial revolution is not something to be scared off. If anything, you need to embrace it and let it embrace you as well so that we can go side by side without any dispute. This will make not only professional life but also the personal life of an individual a lot easier. The next phase is all set with creativity and emotions, all you need to do is let it hold you to follow the lead.

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