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Apple's Trillion Dollar Baby - iPhone 5 Launch

September 12, 2012. The new version of the iPhone, tentatively called iPhone 5 will be released. This is almost 50 months to the day the iPhone 3G was released with iPhone OS 2.0 and the App Store went live. This was the day, that the world changed and Apple set upon the path of world domination.

Everyone was wrong about the iPhone and many paid a heavy price for taking it lightly. Nokia and Blackberry have lost a huge chunk of their market cap. Microsoft has been scrambling for 5 years now trying to come up with a response. Google's Android has been successfull, but the apps are harder to build due to device and OS fragmentation and do not monetize as well as iOS apps.  

There are 3 major reasons that iPhone 5 will be the most successful phone ever and will push Apple beyond the USD 1 Trillion market cap threshold in the coming year.

1. Samsung's defeat in the Apple vs Samsung patent case. This was an implicit verdict against Android. Many handset makers will think twice about copying Apple and basing their phones on Android

2. Windows Phone 8 is not good enough to compete with the iPhone. Nokia unveiled a device just before iPhone 5 launch, but could not provide shipping and pricing details.

3. Microsoft's incredulous decision to 'preview' its SDK to existing partners and developers who have apps in their app store. This is a big mistake, and is apparent in developer reactions to this news. It also means Microsoft SDK is simply not ready for prime time.
These 3 factors are a huge tailwind for iPhone 5 sales. People simply do not have a better option. This is a good time to be Apple and to be an Apple Developer. So be ready for the rise of iPhone 5, Apple's trillion dollar baby

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