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App Store Optimization: Everything to know

Millions of mobile apps are available today in the App store and to make visible your app from these huge apps is a more challenging Job. So, if you are in the mobile app, you should be aware of the best marketing method to increase the visibility of your App. Using the best method will not only increase visibility and the number of downloads but it will also increase the revenue.

App store optimization is a process of optimizing the apps of mobile apps for higher ranks in app stores during the search. Thus after doing this optimization process, it increases the visibility of the app in the app store. After doing this, because of higher visibility, more people will be able to see your app and will download it.

Understanding difference SEO and ASO

ASO is more likely to work as SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Each of them has similarities like conversion optimization, keyword optimization, backlinking. App Store Optimization used for mobile apps whereas Search Engine Optimization works for Websites. Ranking Factors are the main difference between ASO and SEO.

Components of App store optimization

There are different components that affect ASO. Some of the main components of ASO are as follows.


The title is one of the main factors that affects search traffic. It should be selected very carefully and should be very strong that properly explains the app. After the app starts taking ranking and reviews, tile should not be changed as it will make it difficult to spread to other people as earlierit was spreading.


Keywords are also very helpful to target specific people towards your app. You should use relevant keywords that can easily explain your app.

Ranking and reviews

Ranking and reviews are important factors for downloading the app by any mobile user. More the app has ratings and reviews, the more people will download it. So, the app should be optimized properly to increase the number of downloads. As more apps will be downloading, more users will search for it and if more users will download your app, it will increase the revenue.

Benefits of App store optimization:-

1. Increased revenue

You can monetize your app by including in-app purchases, in-app ads, and subscription models. If you decide to run ads, it will bring more users, and more users will download your app. Thus it will make more revenue.

2. Improved Visibility

ASO increases the visibility of the app. People can’t see or download your app until and unless they will find it in the app store. So, using proper keywords and titles in your app will help to get noticed by users. You should optimize your app properly so that it can reach the maximum and relevant users.

3. Stability

When your app starts downloaded by users and thus it increases revenue, it also increases the stability of your app. But you should remember that proper and timely optimization is very important to target the user to download your app to make it stable.

4. Cut User Acquisition Costs

Using App store optimization decreases the User Acquisition Costs.  ASO focuses on organic growth with ASO.  Thus it helps in steady growth.

Factors of App Store Ranking of Play store and App Store

  • App URL
  • Rating and review
  • Keywords
  • App subtitle
  • In-app ads and in-app purchases
  • Number of downloads
  • App description
  • Updates
  • Some secret sauce followed by the stores :)


Today users are looking for constantly improving apps. So, the app with updated features and improving constantly are more effective and users will download these apps. App Store Optimization is an ongoing process and it is continuously developing with high ranking algorithms. Thus for a successful ASO regular updates and optimization require.

Thumbnail images and screenshots of the app are also very important to promote the app. Using these will directly impact the user’s mind and they will definitely look at the app. Apps are used in phones like Android, iPhone/iPad ,and Windows Phone. Developers are marketing their apps by using App Store Optimization. There are different ways to make money, using ads in your app, can help in this. Using App Store optimizations, one can save money and can earn money on advertisements. It also helps to get organic downloads.

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