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App Development - Overcoming Common Challenges

According to a Statista study, there were 3.9 billion smartphone users across the world in 2019. In addition to the large revenue potential of the mobile application market, startup companies understand the value of having their services available on smartphones for higher availability and more seamless experience. Understanding mobile app development will provide valuable insight to app developers, entrepreneurs, mobile app users, etc.

Set of challenges that app developers usually face while designing an app for their users: 

Challenge 1: Deciding what to make?

 Application developers are constantly observant to create an app to make applications that people need. To overcome this challenge company should do proper market research and therefore analyze the key learning’s from the study.

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 Challenge 2: Proper financial planning 

Building an app requires a notable fund. Successful financial planning can help you determine if your business will last for the long run. Without a financial plan, it's easy to run out of capital and go into debt. By tracking revenue and expenses, you can keep your business out of the red.

Challenge 3: Releasing your app at the right stage

Should you release your mobile app when it is complete, or should you release it as soon as you have a working prototype? There are a set of questions that puts the developers into a dilemma, and there is a constant fear of losing the market share.

Challenge 4: Content management

The applications must be constantly updated with the latest pictures, videos, animations, etc. Therefore, a set of frameworks should be added in the market that eases out the procedure of mobile application content management.

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Challenge 5: Enhancing the app's visibility

Users have alternatives to pick from more than 3.5 million applications accessible in the App Store. The majority of these applications are even accessible as free downloads. So, every app developer needs to investigate strategies to make the app captivating to everyone to achieve more downloads.

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Challenge 6: Providing proper mobile expertise and resources

Organizations often lack the necessary expertise in-house to effectively execute the planning and development of a mobile app. Companies focus on developing components that provide ease in their operation. Also, in order to fulfill certain demands of the users, they outsourced to a mobile app development firm.

Challenge 7: User adoption and system integration

System integration is not directly related to app development, but it acts as a catalyst in creating a huge impact on the success of an app and user adoption. Human Resources and internal communications teams ensure the implementation of the application. 


With the increasing popularity and demand for mobile applications, it is no surprise that millions of corporations, companies, and start-ups are reaching out to mobile application development firms to get their latest groundbreaking mobile application developed. According to a recent survey, there are over five billion mobile users in the world, and there are 5.9 million Android developers and 2.8 million iOS developers in the world. Therefore, we can say that there is a huge scope for mobile app development in the future era.

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