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Terrific AI solutions Resulting in Business Growth

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the buzzword in the world of business in recent times. AI systems comprehend through different technologies such as digital processing, Natural language processing (NLP), expert systems and other interference engines. It is very much important that the business continues to keep engaging its AI solutions into ongoing discussions, technologies, society, customers and jobs. This way, you can keep control of your AI solutions.

Business perspective of AI:

Businesses are getting smarter day by day. They have started acknowledging the presence of AI. Apple, for instance, has acquired control of 4 artificial intelligence startups in the past 2 years. They have taken an important initiative towards AI. Intel too has started investing in AI. In a report by CB Insights, they have stated that over 30 artificial intelligence companies have been acquired in 2017’s first quarter itself

So, when every other MNCs is into AI, why don’t we use some important AI tools which could be invaluable to our business?

Are you planning to employ AI into your business? It could be a sophisticating process. First up, it is better to think which type of AI model will suit your business. Then you can think of integrating suitable technologies into the AI solution. This way, you can avoid lots of expenses. Let us check out on a few major AI Solutions for your company.

1. Business Intelligence solutions: 

Business intelligence, also called descriptive analytics, is used to describe the past or current state of your business. “So many people in the business need data to do their jobs better,” informs Chris Hagans, VP Operations, WCI Consulting, a consultancy focused on BI. Every company would require Business intelligence tools for a better administration.

Business Intelligence must not be confused with Business Analytics. Both are based on entirely different perspectives. If Business intelligence deals with understanding the trends and deriving insights, Business analytics deals with analyzing the derived insights and offering a better solution.

There are several BI tools that can offer better insights into your company. We have jotted down some of them here:

This data analytics and business intelligence tool can be used to manage data coming from all ranges. This is an effective and the most widely used tool.

Actuate Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) is an Eclipse's BIRT project. One of the leading open source, and 100% pure Java reporting tool which can be used for building and publishing reports that are against data sources that range from typical business relational databases and extends up to XML data sources, to in-memory Java objects.

This memory-resident multidimensional (online analytical processing (OLAP) or multidimensional online analytical processing (MOLAP)) database server. It is typically used as a business intelligence tool for the purpose of controlling and also budgeting purposes with a spreadsheet software which acts as the user interface. Plus it can also come pretty handy for storage as it enables one centralized data storage facility.

The above-mentioned tools offer a perfect business intelligence solution. Now, let's dig into Business analytics.

2. Business Analytics and Machine learning tools:

You might have had a successful round of business. But we might be wondering, how did we achieve this business analytics is a must. They analyze, observe and generate solutions for business.

Business analytics tools play a vital role in determining the success of SMEs and provide proper decision-making strategies to MNCs.

Nowadays, Business analytics and machine learning are powered by AI, which will require the combined activities of humans and machines. Business analytics tools along with AI will lead to great achievements in technology and business in over a decade.

Some of the well-known business analytics tools that every business must count on are mentioned here:

Through this platform, you can cover and capture all the sales activities. This tool will analyze it and offer you great solutions.

This machine learning server is built on a state-of-the-art open source stack, which will allow developers and also data scientists to construct smart applications and for creating engines that can easily produce data for machine learning.

This software can be used for providing business analytics solutions using machine learning. This tool is widely supported by signal processing, computer vision, parallel processing and so on, to offer users with a flexible support through neural networks.

 Well if business intelligence and analytics are talked about , machine learning cannot be ignored. Here are some tools  based on machine learning that will ace up your business in no time.

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3. Language tools:

Got to type a quotation or a business mail? Couldn’t avoid those silly grammatical errors? Then you are at the right place to inquire. Nowadays, it is possible to write an error-free article or type an E-Mail using these tools. Right from the landing page to those weekly newsletters, you need the right content to create a great, everlasting impression of your brand. This will add value to your business in many ways like CRM, better documentation etc. Hence, we require a tool which must be very well powered by AI to take writing and grammatical needs into consideration.  We would like to recommend a few here:-

This tool can be used to check your grammatical errors while you type. Either you can create an account or you can install the driver on your PC. But this tool does not support Mobile versions.

Wrote a blog for promotion purpose and still having doubts regarding readability? No worries, Hemmingway editor is there to aid you. Use Hemmingway editor to check your readability, spelling mistakes, sentence formation and other grammatical stuff.

It is a similar and alternative tool to Grammarly, which can be used for checking your punctuation errors, spelling errors and in general, grammatical errors. This tool can be used by every business to improve their writing efficiency.

4. Social media strategy tools:

With social media all over the place its importance can simply not be ignored and what if we mention tools that can even help you balance your social platforms way too easily. 

Pi by Post intelligence:

The social media managing could be a hectic task for business entrepreneurs. They keep updating burning topics, keep reading newspapers and analytics to voice out their opinion on the same. But to tackle these issues, there is AI-powered social media strategy making platforms for analyzing your profile, comments, posts by your followers, compiling a big list of trending issues and discussions based on it. Not only this, the emotional analysis is even possible. These tools will analyze emotions, tone and graphics and will align it with the social topic. Also it will recommend appropriate timings for posting the social content.

The most brilliant AI-powered social media tool is Pi by PostIntelligence. It can provide clear insights on how to create the post, when and how to publish them. It is one of the best tools in the market. All thanks to its amazing machine learning strategies.

Wanna know our take on how social media helps a business grow?

Read here.

5. Tools involving Legal terms:

Legal issues management is a complex term and so we may need tools to properly manage it. One such tool is Legal Robot.

Legal Robot:

Legal Robot is an AI adviser that can help you to tackle the complex world of legal contracts. If you are not well versed with legal terms, Legal Robot will help you decode them in a Layman form. This will help you handle legal contracts and issues effectively.

6. Call tracking tools:

Keeping track of your phone calls is no more an irking task. You can easily track your calls and store it for future use, in the form of words.


Tetra is one such tool through which you can track your calls and store a brief synopsis of it in your notepad. This will help you to keep a right track of calls that you have attended or aborted.

According to reports, students are taking great interest in machine learning and artificial intelligence. AI has a great potential in taking over the complex world of manual works and tension. Use the above-mentioned tools in your business, for a great business experience.

Did we got you excited to get a tool developed? Then reach out to us for a consultation.

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