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AI-Powered Apps for Students

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is on the rise as a  transformational development, cutting across significant aspects of life, education included. Conventional classroom learning does not always guarantee success, and AI apps bridge the gap to address loopholes that hinder students from achieving excellence. This way, even slow learners can experience a better understanding of otherwise complex topics. 

Ways AI Apps Improve the Learning Process

Education is not always a straightforward process, and many learners barely make it through the learning system. Apart from giving disillusioned learners a lifeline, AI packs tons of benefits for students, including:

Personalized Learning 

With AI apps, institutions can create personalized tutorials to match the different learning abilities of their learners. Based on student answers, tutors can establish weak areas and help them by offering material tailored to address their weak areas. Students who would generally lag in standard learning methods have a chance to enjoy learning at a pace suited to their abilities.

Better Learner Engagement

Learners understand better when the coursework is engaging and delivered in an exciting format. Some AI apps and features, like drawing simulators, give learners, like Architectural students, a chance to practice. At the same time, 3D audiovisuals depict complex processes like volcanic eruptions in a simplified manner for Geography students.

Less Workload for Tutors

Conventional teaching is demanding, from setting exams to marking and preparing for future lessons. AI eliminates unnecessary paperwork by allowing tutors to assess assignments across digital learning platforms. AI-powered chatbots are a helpful tool for learner questions when the tutor is not available to answer, making learning possible outside learning institutions.

Quality Course Material 

Quality course materials take time to create and may be subject to numerous revisions over a long period. However, AI greatly simplifies making improvements to course content by highlighting areas that the student finds problematic. For example, many students getting the wrong answers on a particular topic means they need simplified notes for better understanding.

Improved Writing Skills

Thanks to intelligent tools, writing essays and assignments is now much easier. There are tons of helpful tools like Grammarly to ensure students use correct grammar and spelling in their submissions. Copyscape checks for plagiarism, allowing tutors and students to foster uniqueness and respect the written works of others.

Assignment Help

Thanks to AI apps, learners can connect with skillful writers on sites like essayservice.com to get timely assistance with assignments. Parents can pay for papers to help their children grasp a difficult subject or understand their coursework better.

AI Apps For Seamless Learning

Nowadays, there are apps for almost all processes, and learning apps are a must-have for the modern student who wishes to make learning easier and excel in their studies. Some useful apps for learners include:

English Language Speech Assistant (ELSA)

Some institutions require their learners to speak and write in English, and this may pose a challenge to non-native learners. However, with the help of language AI apps like ELSA, students can practice and learn words easily, improving their fluency and performance.


The Coursera app is one of the most useful tools for students. With the app, learners have access to more than 600 courses, translated into various languages. The classes are provided by high-ranking educational institutions and allow busy students to learn remotely or while on the move.

TypeWell Speech to Text Transcriber

Heavy accents and poor internet connections can make it difficult to hear the tutor. Learners with a hearing impairment also miss out on audio communication. TypeWell has a team of skilled transcribers to capture discussions and provide accurate live captions for the audience. You can again listen to the transcript later for unclear segments.


Sometimes homework is just tricky, and we all need help once in a while to get back on track. Brainly brings together students from all walks of life, providing a platform for learners to seek help with homework and explore different answers from other users for a clearer understanding of the subject.

Thinkster Math

It only gets better with Math apps as Thinkster Math recently announced their acquisition of AI EdTech outfit, SelectQ.io. The app links young learners with personal tutors to help them grasp Math and is a favorite with many parents.


The Quizlet app is an innovative tool for the modern student, providing guidelines for preparing for tests. Students can test their memory and learn about various subjects, including coding, foreign languages, and science. Students can create flashcards or use existing ones to grasp their topic of interest.


This app is a creation of the Pearson learning company targeting young learners between 10 and 15 years old. The main subjects covered are Science and Math, and learners benefit from personalized material to strengthen their weak areas. The app employs useful illustrations and various methods of problem-solving to improve the learner’s skills.

Siri App

Siri is compatible with iPhone and performs the role of a virtual assistant, setting reminders and timers for essential tasks like revising for exams and assignment submissions. The app also solves math questions accurately. This app is the perfect tool for better organization and time-management in a learner’s life.

Apps have led to tremendous improvement in the learning process and have become a necessary aid for modern learning. The future looks bright for learners as more tech companies and learning institutions join forces to fully integrate AI into the coursework.

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