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AI-driven mCommerce trends to watch out for

In the modern world, technology advancement has to be the major point. Over the last two decades, the digital era has seen many ups and downs in the industry. Even, retailing or commerce sector is now a big part of this digitalization. On top of that, with the addition of several tools such as machine learning, Artificial intelligence, Big Data and so on, many opportunities are opened up for business.Additionally, the key industries such as eCommerce, agriculture and education are taking advantage of such technology.

mCommerce and AI

The major advancement that is done in the eCommerce world is all because of the implementation of AI. It has made industries to come forth and take advantage to grow and improve their engagement with customers. In the customer-driven world, AI has come up as a blessing in disguise for eCommerce industries. If we see the transaction of eCommerce to mCommerce then also AI trend with commerce is something that no one can be away from. mCommerce with the implement of AI is not only a trend but it is a statistically and truly expanding technique that is gaining a lot of importance in today’s world.

Artificial intelligence is now shaping up the mCommerce industry that will increase the demand and public image of a company. There is not even an ounce doubt that AI is full of capabilities that can help in mCommerce platforms and improving online business. Now, it is available in the market so that industries can leverage it irrespective of visitor’s choice.

mCommerce and AI

As per the records, it is predicted that by 2025, AI will be ruling the industry. This is all done due to the fact that AI is actually here to improve the engagement of customers with companies that will bring out a huge shift in the technological era. Even in today’s era, there is more than 60 per cent of companies that are dependent on chatbots for their business interactions with the audience. On top of that, chatbot interaction is more preferred as compared to human interaction that gives a plus point to the AI-driven industry.

There is more than 70 per cent of the total population that is in support of AI in the mCommerce industry due to its potential and kick-start of the business world. In the next 5 years, it is predicted that AI will be completely integrated with mCommerce industry that will improve the standard reach of a product.


AI has actually learned from others and has taken up notes from mCommerce, websites and other industries to see what is setting customers off or what is attracting them. In the end, they have come up with personalization. This simple addition has actually increased the rate of lead conversion by 35 per cent in total.

In this point, the mCommerce industry has added a feature in which a customer will mark or highlight their area of interest. In return, they will receive recommendations on different products in which they are interested in. On top of that, this will be displayed on the home page that will increase the chance of customer clicking on it.

Customer Experience

If you are a shopper or even a business associate then you already understand the importance of conversational commerce. Companies are dependent on it already and even users are taking complete advantage of it. In common language, chatbots are extensively used by the business and users to interact with each other. It is an automated service for user benefit that can solve their queries, interact with them, and record their wish-list.

In addition to this, every task will be done in the real time that will automatically increase a customer’s interest. If companies want their product to be sold 24x7 then in such case chatbots are their best options. This will also save a lot of cost on customer care and will improve the experience of the audience.

Search & Navigation

For a mobile user, the voice-based search is now a daily thing. They are dependent on voice to make search and come up with the most appropriate and relevant result. Now, companies are trying to come up with a more advanced way of navigation and search. For instance, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook now depend on hashtags to complete the search.

Similarly, companies are coming up with alternatives that can be used by users in order to search for relevant products.  On top of that, it will use natural language processing to make sure that search results are contextualized and narrowed down to the most relevant one instead of haywire results.

Video content

AI is now implementing the concept of video to their mCommerce field as well which will make optimization and exploring of content much easy.

For instance, Affectiva is a new modern startup that can easily interpret human mood with the help of their facial expressions.In such technology, camera and sensors are used to ensure accurate results. Even AI can use recording any of the trends that are related to customers to interpret and improve their marketing results.

Virtual Shoppers

If you are in touch with technical advancement, then you might know about the 20156 discovery – Macy’s on call. IBM’s Watson joined hands with Macy to come up with the best shopping assistance. The main purpose of this invention was to help out the customers with their queries and to improve the shopping experience. Macy provided them with information.

Even Mona was developed by Amazon’s employees that were another example of virtual assistance. The aim of Mona was to prove the best experience to the customer with simplified add-ons and attractive deals. In the coming year, we might see the more advanced form of such assistance that can help in improving the face of the mCommerce industry to a whole new level.

mCommerce and eCommerce might by almost the same but there is a thin gap between them. Both the industries require optimization continuously to stay abreast of the competition.

mCommerce and AI has the potential to change the way customers shop. It will transform the style of shopping making it something unrecognizable, reliable and relevant for not only customers but business as well. AI is all set to bring major changes in coming years and are in an attempt to make advancement with innovative ideas and technical advancement.

On top of that, mCommerce has given a competitive edge to the business by making it much smarter and faster. The dynamic nature of AI has made it gain popularity and with mCommerce at its toes, we can only assume what great changes they will bring.

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