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How is Artificial Intelligence Changing the Face of Retail?

Artificial Intelligence is changing the face of this world in many sectors. It is making an impact on all the industries including retailing sector. Over the last decade, the retailing sector has seen many technical advancement and business modernization models. Even the customers are now embracing the technology with open arms and making it a part of their shopping experience.

Now, shopping is not limited to brick-and-mortar and has expanded to a much efficient and fruitful experience of internet retail marketing, m-commerce and e-commerce. It is like that the largest store is right in your pocket. The biggest example of the retailing store is Amazon.com that is generating more than 40 percent of revenue per year. It has become more popular with the advancement of AI concepts that are to be implemented in the application.

The online stores are known as Real-time product targeting in which they target the customer as per their search results or preference. Now, they are using Retail and Technology to convert the leads with the help of AI that communicates with customers providing social messages. This process is known as Conversational Commerce. This has enhanced the future of e-commerce market and has a huge impact in the retailing sector.

It is assumed that in 2020, more than 80 percent of the conversation will be done by the machines with any human interaction of the company’s side. Even by 2018, the voice and face recognition systems will be used by the customers that will provide them with digital assistance. This is all done to provide the best user experience achieved by the stores.

Internet Retailing or e-Tailing

When the retailing is done through internet but the process is similar to the brick-and-mortar such as e-commerce, advertising, branding, order fulfillment, website management, and supply chain management. This area is slowly depending on the predictive analysis and AI components are now included in a retailing sector that improves the total efficiency in different areas. The area includes many important points such as promotions, pricing, and management of inventories, localized market and target audience.

Apart from this, the retailing companies are taking advantage of Retail analytics that is growing with the top FractalAnalytics and SAS improving the overall performance of the industry. Then, there are the concepts like retail analysis, forecasting and customer personalization that has changed the way a customer used to purchase products and optimized the supply chain for a business.


When companies plan to bring their business online that was the moment, then they gave a customer a chance to grow with them. It is so easy to sell and buy a product online with the help of large platforms such as Amazon with the help of internet. These online sites are now using Chatbots that has made the conversation between a seller and buyer easily.

Then, there are techniques that help in improving the rate of conversion in a tailored and personalized manner. This marketing and sales process is completely powered by AI that has made the e-commerce smarter. There are companies that provide predictive lead scoring information and insights on the ways to create more product sales. There are technologies such as contextual sales messages and predictive intelligence that are changing the ways to engage a seller with the right message on an appropriate time to guarantee a sale.

In-store retailing

With the increase in the technical world, the brick-and-mortar stores are facing a lot of problems. There are many stores that are shut down due to the loss and others are on the verge of shutting off their stores. However, there are ways in which these retailing stores can be improved and transform into something that can attract and preserve customers even in the technical world.

The robotic technology is put under consideration for the in-stores that can improve the operations of the store and even provide human-like service to customers. The robots are developed in such a manner that can even track the stocks and inventory to restock the shelves as soon as possible. They are even used in the other supply chain sectors as well.

Why add AI in Retailing Sector?

Online shopping is a blessing in disguise for a person with limited time with a busy schedule. It is so convenient that customers are simply scrolling down their mobile phones instead of spending hours in stores and coming back empty-handed. However, everything cannot be perfect; similarly, the e-commerce market has few hitches as well that made them lose their valued customers.

However, now the time has changed. With the implementation of AI in the industry, it has taken new steps towards the growing future. The virtual reality is now engaging audience by improving user experience in the retailing world as well.

1. Personalized Experience

The main problem that is faced by many customers is that they don’t feel or even experience the product before investing in it. This made them cancel their order and maybe you will lose a customer forever. AI has overcome this problem is a much easy way. Now, it has allowed customers to have personalized experience and shop only when they are satisfied.

There are options that allow you to see and feel whether a chair will look good at your home or not. You can even virtually try a dress on and see how you will look in the color or design. Once you are satisfied, only then make the purchase otherwise move to the next product.

2. Stock Monitoring

The biggest loss a company has to endure is losing a customer. Especially, if it happens because of an out-of-stock problem then they would hate themselves. It increases the risk that a customer will be upset about this thing especially if it is becoming a continuous schedule.

On the other way, if a person purchases a lot of items but they didn’t sell out as considered then it is the even bigger loss. In such a situation, it is essential to come up with a solution that prevents any extra loss of customer or prevent wastage. AI technology can help in monitoring your stock and can help in re-stocking the inventory as soon as possible that will be beneficial for you as well as the customer.

3. Boost Sales by Recommending Products

Machine learning is now benefiting the sales process in a much-improved way. The advanced version of AI technology allows the seller to understand customer requirements and behavior. With the help of this analysis, they can provide the retailing service to a customer. This aims to create a trustworthy bond between seller and buyer which makes them come back to you to make a new purchase.

Final Words

The AI has shown this whole world that now is the perfect time to embrace the technical world as in near future; the digitalization is going to capture this world. With the help of this technology, a retailer can only excel in their field. So, if you are waiting for the time then do it now and you will have nothing to regret in the future. If anything, it will only open new paths to increase your productivity and business market image.

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