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AI and its major influence in 2019 with mobile applications

AI and mobile apps

Android cell phone usage is on a high, with a new addition in every second. In such scenario addition of new user-friendly application will integrate new user interface. And mainstream mobile application at the same time is being revolutionized by tons of new technological development. The prime focus of these inventions is on the user-centered direction with the fast-changing pace of utility and dependency.

Like last year this year too, 2019 will be the year of technological development with many addition and improvements but one thing for sure is like every year this year too AI will be the center of all these technologies updates. Due to an increase in demand among masses and with prompt ability to assess real-time data AI has become a choice of many big and small enterprises, this strong demand will lead to many new additions and improvement in 2019.

In the upcoming years, the mobile phone will have deeper penetrations into our lives like never before. No doubt mobile devices and their applications have fully-blown our intellectual ecosystem. The smartphone revolution with much talked different AI applications is the most significant changes that have happened in our lives.

What does market trend say?

The global market share is estimated to cross 90 million by the year 2050 according to the report of static. Many updates being made in the widespread technological base of AI is for mobile application integration. New advancement like intelligent speech interpretation, context-aware computing, and predictive analysis are developed for the trailer made customization in mobile usage.

Let’s see some of the major influence of artificial intelligence on a mobile application in 2019

1. Chatbots

How can we talk about AI and not chatbots, this is the one addition that helps the business-boosting for many companies. Chatbots is the biggest attraction due to its conversational experience which is exceptional. You can have real-time discussion and can easily shuffle between one window to another.

Most of the mobile phone user has a preference of using chatbots and related application which help them to have a personalized solution to their problem as well as query solving in no time that too without the hassle of calling. Ai chatbots are providing better services and hence helping for the business growth and customer satisfaction also. According to a survey, it was found that 94% of youth believe in using chatbots as mode communication.

These mobile applications have completely transformed and entirely fortified the use of customer service system and sales team integration too. A recent survey by Oracle shows that 80% of the companies will use an intelligent assistant and messenger type application to target mobile user by 2020. It’s bridging the gap between technology and how business is growing with the help of such development like AI which is ruling the world and transforming in a positive market trend.

2. Face detection

This mobile application has been in use by many major companies like Apple, this enhances the security system of the devices. Facial reorganization technology combining with AI forms a marvelous feature of learning and storing memory, which enables the mobile devices to have facial recognition to the accuracy up to the level of 98%.

This computing technology not only identifies and detects objects but also human faces in digital running like video or image present in various functional frame with different purposes. Widespread use of facial recognition is being done by many more companies and the same will continue to 2019. Image recognition or IR allows of verification of user’s faces, secure applications use, confidential data storage, detection of security plate and unlocking of the phone. This enhances security based tracking application usage.

This application advancement has gained popularity and people being attracted to companies using these technological structures applications in their mobile. If the latest news to be believed than soon facial recognition will be used for credit card payments, how wonderful it will be that you can pay bills showing your face and no swiping is required.

3. App authentication

According to many experts, most of the AI-based applications are developed with parallel technologies for richer consumer experience. With the use of this advancement, companies in a business similar module will be able to collect real-time user data with the help of point of sale machine (POS), individual mobile devices and various traffic sources.

This data then again can be used to shift the security concern like reducing cyber crimes, frauds and other security threats. This all will be possible by data collected information and applying its algorithm. The whole purpose of achieving app authentication is accentuated along with other technologies like machine learning and predictive analysis.

This will also allow the customer to have a customized mobile experience and adjust their mobile application for richer contextual experience in the changing trend. Such applications will do an analysis of behaviors of the consumer on various platforms and alert the user about any suspicious activity and threat in case of breach of personal space according to set vulnerabilities.

4. Image and voice recognition

This application has changed how people are searching for things, giving instructions and finding content on the web. With the integration of mobile application and no physical contact, Bluetooth enables devices have completely changed the ease of completing a task. For example Amazon’s Alexa, you can easily integrate it with your mobile devices and televisions set and give voice instructions to search on the web or play music and movies.

Similarly, the use of Siri in the apple which was based on voice detection searches. Both these technological updates not only combine convenience with comfort but change the outlook of the user toward AI. This shows how the use of complex technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning makes working so easy. This streamlines the search engines and allows smooth working on the internet. To improve the conversion ratio and enhancing sales more androids companies are introducing such applications which integrates voice and image recognition with app localization for better user experience and gain of popularity.

5. Detection of landmarks

Though the field of artificial intelligence is constantly growing the mass application of it is still under trial. With many companies yet not understanding and implementing its various elements in their app development. By using AI developed application and power features like security, image analysis business can significantly improve in the field of android apps.

One such mobile application is landmark detection. Landmark detection allows detecting certain points in an image like the artificial structure of the image and nature within the image. This can be used to explore the use of photo gallery as a landmark geological point. This is enabled with the image match also. In spite of being more dependent on the geological landmarks like mountains, buildings, and monuments, many scientific has been one focus in the fine-grained recognition technology.

Issues related to instance level recognition are also being looked upon. As a whole implementation of various aspects of machine learning along with a various portion of artificial intelligence like landmark detection will change how we see our geographical boundaries.

6. Self-learning applications

This also needs special mention in the article as the impact of AI in the field of the mobile application is also evident through self-learning application that can understand and interact with its audience, moreover, it can understand the interaction base and deliver many selves assessed on-screen activities.

As the mobile app is getting complex the content is becoming more diversified and content quantity is also increasing so much effort is being put forward on an application that functions smoothly and performs self-driven intuitive automation.

With the usage of static preference categories, AI can go deeper to understand the preferences of the user and their usage pattern. This will help in understanding the response and boost engagement accordingly. Due to the tremendous scope and benefits, the mobile app is increasing user engagements.

These applications are capable of gathering the most valuable information, which can be then used for further actionable insight which helps in serving human and technology both in a better way.

The overall impact of artificial intelligence on mobile app designing and scientific development has been so robust in the past few years; the overall aim is to make technology more definitive in day to day life. The response of AI in terms of the mobile app is so huge that every company has to embrace it in the end.

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