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Accelerate your cloud journey with a trusted cloud advisor

Before you pursue any cloud initiative, you need a well-defined, wide-ranging strategy to identify where the cloud can benefit your business plus a model and an architecture that fully addresses the impact of cloud adoption. This is where the role of a cloud advisor comes in. Here are 6 ways how a trusted cloud advisor can help you:

  • Defining Cloud computing scenarios specific to your business needs- Being experts in their field, a cloud advisor helps you discover where cloud can add value to your business, assessing your current business needs and challenges.
  • Prioritizing cloud solutions aligned with your business goals and IT strategies- A cloud advisor reviews your existing IT strategy and maps your cloud model to your IT goals and strategies. Ensures your cloud strategy perfectly blends with your existing IT strategy leaving no gaps.
  • A roadmap for your cloud strategy to justify investment- Build a security-rich cloud strategy roadmap in order to ensure your cloud solution effectively supports your business security and privacy priorities and protects the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your resources and data.
  • Best Cloud Placement- An expert cloud advisor always recommends the optimal hybrid, private, or public cloud model, so that you choose the right, the first time. Ensures a smooth and flawless placement of your cloud infrastructure and takes good care of security and privacy.
  • Follows best practices- A good cloud advisor is aware of the best practices to achieve maximum scalability, security, cost effectiveness and fault tolerance and follows them wisely while building your cloud infrastructure.
  • Monitoring and reporting- Monitoring and logging public cloud activity is hard to do, cloud advisors can support investigations and quick resolution to the faults.

Looking for a trusted cloud advisor? We are here to help.

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