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A trusted Technology Advisor- must needed for every startup

Many a times startup initiatives fail because of two major reasons:

  • The founder was not able to provide clarity on his requirements and relied completely on the developer’s competence
  • The developer who over promised and failed to ask the right technical questions beforehand

Having a technical advisor can greatly reduce the chance that this is going to happen. Startup founders often neglect the role of a technical advisor, but it is certainly the most crucial factor for a technology startup’s success.  

Why? Here are some reasons you should consider:

Do you have your technology requirements clear?

As a startup founder, you need be very clear about what you need from your product developer. Clear requirement specifications make the implementation a lot easier without any misses. It is important that your idea and its implementation move on the same path.

A technical advisor has an eye on detail and can be of great help in defining your overall product requirements. This way your outsourcing team will be communicated with clear and detailed product requirements reducing the chances of any ambiguity.

Have you opted the right technology stack ?

Though it’s not expected from you to be a technology expert but it’s absolutely necessary for you to have a technical advisor in your team. A technical advisor can suggest the best technology stacks for your product. They can ensure you choose the correct frameworks that are scalable and extensible for your product. There are a number of third party tools that you may want to use in your product. The correct advisor can suggest the best tools and ensure their appropriate use.

Have you made the best technology investments?

Today, startup owners are quite permissive toward using the best in best technology resources and are ready to make huge investments. A right technology advisor can become your best investment advisor and can help you invest in the right development team, the right technology resources, and the right development process.

Is your confidentiality secure?

Your product idea is like your child and sharing it with your developer involves a lot of risk. Do you have access to all the passwords and the source code?  Do you have full control on the hosting, domain, etc.?  It’s your duty to ensure that you do not leave your doors unlocked. Technology advisor will ensure you have control over all your assets by placing proper confidentiality agreements and development terms with the other team.

Do you have plans to go further?

If you are thinking long term with your MVP, you should definitely opt for an expert technology advisor. He will structure the development plan to accommodate any future changes and additions and will stress on making the system highly scalable since the start. So you can keep adding the versions without any worries since you had the right start.

So, what all is a technical advisor responsible for: 

  • Defining the right product requirement
  • Choosing the best development team
  • Making the best technical choices
  • To ensure the development is scalable
  • Structure development contracts appropriately
  • Plan for past the initial MVP.
  • Advising on Technical Direction

In short, a technical advisor is someone who can define what will get developed, how it will be built, and making sure that you ultimately have the right stuff at the right time.

Looking for a trusted technology advisor?

At NewGenApps, we have worked as technology advisors for many startups, some of which went on to get huge venture fundings with their MVPs. We understand the needs and challenges of a startup and we work closely as partners to define their overall product strategy. Need technical consultancy on your MVP?

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