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8 Cold Email Tips to Get Maximum Responses

Writing emails  an integral part of marketing especially in a B2B model. Without an effective email marketing in place, your sales process can never be complete. Though the art of writing good emails is essential in every business, it increases multifold for B2B businesses. Hence, we have centered this article around it. You can use the same principles for B2C businesses as well.

With so many guides and hacks around B2B lead generation, you might already be overloaded with email ids. Unfortunately, collecting B2B leads is just a small piece of the entire sales puzzle. Once you collect the leads you will need to nurture them and reach out on mail. Here we have listed 8 must perform checks before crafting a B2B cold email. These guidelines will help you create the perfect email copy that will get maximum responses.

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8 Tips to Write Cold Emails that are Well Responded:

1. Do Your Homework:

The basics of sales start with market research. When you are sending a cold email, your prospects won’t usually recognize your name or company. In this case, a generic salesy mail is only going to set them off. They may also mark you as spam if you persistently keep sending them such impersonal emails. You will need to research your prospects, segment the database and communicate with them in their preferred time zone. Doing basic research like finding information about the job role, company, industry etc. will help you direct your communication more strategically and give it a personal feel. 

2. Give the Best First Impression:

Your subject line is your biggest shot to get your emails opened. Here are some tips to craft the perfect subject line:

  • Keep it simple, to the point and direct.
  • Try including personalization tokens like a first name or company name.
  • Avoid clickbait as it is frowned upon.
  • Indicate value on the subject itself.

After crafting the subject line the next step is to work on the preview text. This is the text that is displayed as a preview to the user and is meant to give a brief overview of the email content. Use this to give a compelling intro in a few words about the product or simply describe the mail in short.

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3. Personalize:

The mailboxes of influential people in a corporation are usually flooded with important emails. You don’t want to be just another addition to their mailbox. They key to stand-out from the herd is to super personalize your mail even if you are using an automated service. While using the name in the subject line and opening salutation is a widespread practice a lot of people don’t focus on the closing of the mail.

Instead of simply ending the email copy with “Looking forward to hearing you” you can try using “Looking forward to hearing you again, John (First Name)”.

While trying this trick it is important to ensure that you don’t overdo the usage of one personalization token. If you use this, then don’t use the first name in the subject.

3. Introduce Yourself:

Well, of course, you will introduce yourself. That something too obvious to state as a step in the first place. This step is about introducing yourself properly. Many people talk about themselves in long paragraphs or they confuse the reader by giving too much information. Your goal from a cold email shouldn’t be to sell. It should ignite a conversation and that is only possible when you limit information about yourself and encourage the prospect to know more. Ideally, your introduction should be short like your LinkedIn headline - simple, informative and concise.

4. Explain Your Solution (Not Product):

Now that you have introduced yourself it is time to bring out the big guns, just don’t shoot! Explain the problem you are trying to solve, the way you can help and why should the reader care about it. As a quick start, you can answer any of these questions to craft your pitch:

  • Will it save their money?
  • Will it help them increase revenues?
  • Will it save their time?
  • Will it make their life easier?
  • Will it make them look good?

End your pitch with a call to action like ‘get in touch’ or ‘schedule a meeting’ or something else and you are ready to send. Oh wait, there is one more step.

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5. Keep it Short and Correct:

Nobody would be willing to read a 1000 words essay just to figure out your offering. To get great responses from your communication, you should shorten it and deliver concise information. Once you are done with the editing check your copy for any grammatical error. You can also use a tool like Grammarly or Hemingway editor for this purpose.

6. A/B Test:

A/B testing is a technique used to identify the best performing email. It allows you to send different versions of the same mail to your audience. This helps you identify the best performing email out of distinct copies. A/B testing is a long-term process as everytime you A/B test a mail you can only experiment with one part of the copy. Testing multiple sections will create confusion making it difficult to hold any single element accountable for the performance.

8. Follow Up:

It is very rare to close a deal with the first email. Hence you will need to follow up with every lead based on their interaction with the mail. It is advisable to use a good CRM to keep a record of all the communication for future reference as that would help you land clients more effectively. Also, popular CRMs provide insights into the opens and clicks in the mail thus helping you craft personalized follow up emails and target leads that show maximum engagement.

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