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7 Unique Ways to Generate New App Ideas

Getting an idea to develop a stunning app has been a dream of many enthusiasts. Though there are millions of apps already on the app store, there is still a chance to succeed with new ideas. A lot of time and money is spent in creating mobile apps and what could be worse than developing an app that nobody cares about? Generating new app ideas and ensuring their marketing standing is critical to successful app development. For all those who want to succeed with a successful mobile app, it is a challenge to come up with out-of-the-box app ideas. We have come up with 7 unique ways in which you can come up with new app ideas that will be capable of getting success in the app markets.

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7 Ways to Come Up With New App Ideas:

how to come up with new and successful app ideas

1. Look Within:

The best ideas come from self-evaluation. What are you most passionate about? What do you want to change is this world? Simon Sinek, author of “Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action” shared the idea that everyone should start with the question “WHY?”. It is recommended that use this three steps approach:

  • Why should I do it? Think about your core values.
  • How should I do it?
  • What should I do?

If you want to bring a change in the current process or situation than it is the best way to look for new ideas.

2. Create a Solution:

Thinking about yourself should always be secondary. Nobody cares about an app that will help you make profits. People need solutions to their problems. The best apps and software aim to solve an issue at hand. Think of Uber, it solved the problems associated with getting a cab. Uber simplified the process of getting a cab and reaching from point A to B thus, it became very popular. If you create a solution that solves a problem however basic it is, your success rate will definitely increase.

3. Improvise:

Who says that you will have to find problems? Well, that would be me actually! But it is not necessary that you find new problems. There are many apps and solutions that are not able to bring out relevant and efficient solutions. What you can do is improvise. Improvisation can range from UI/UX to bug fixes to usability enhancement. Though finding loopholes and improving a pre-existing idea is difficult, it is worth the pain. It involves lesser complications in marketing and it is easy for the users to adapt to change.

4. Identify the Market:

The market you are targeting can have a huge impact on the success of your new app idea. A lot of new app ideas can be generated just by analyzing the need of the market. Brian Wong came up with Kiip by just doing the most basic form of market research. While traveling aboard a plane, he noticed that many passengers were using their devices to play mobile games. Wong immediately noticed the on-screen ads that were of little value to users. He came up with the idea to enable mobile gamers to earn real life rewards for their engagement, and so Kiip was born.
Identifying your market is not only important for coming up with app ideas but also to check their market standing. By launching your app in a beta phase and using the lean startup methodology you can ensure that your target market actually needs your app. To know more about it check this out:
How to Build an MVP in 5 Simple Steps.

5. Find Ideas Online:

There are dozens of websites online that list new app ideas. The reason why people want to share app ideas is to get opinions and reviews. If you find something interesting then you can use that idea or add some changes to it based on market and research accordingly. You can also explore platforms like Reddit and Kickstarter to find creative app ideas and explore solutions

6. Keep a List (Work Backways):

Phone Office Work Pen Cellphone Notebook

While we are at it, don’t forget to keep a notebook or a document to maintain a record of your ideas. You might come up with some great ideas and at the time of final decision you may miss out something golden. It is always better to keep a documentation of your ideas unless you have made a final decision. Another way you can use lists is to write every shitty idea you can think of. Seriously everything you would consider stupid or insane. Once you have done that figure out a way in which you can turn the situation around and come up with a new idea. This approach can bring out some very out-of-the-box app ideas that you wouldn’t have thought about earlier.

7. Go Crazy:

Sometimes it is the most stupid thing that people like. It is not necessary that you make a complex app nor it is important that you need to spend a huge amount of money on it. Flappy Bird, Pou, Periscope are all out of the box idea that nobody thought could ever succeed. At times you need to be 2% crazy for making an intelligent decision. Do proceed with caution because in this case it more about user engagement than just creating an app. When you have a crazy idea you need to create a top notch user experience to help users interact and engage with the app.

Here we have 7 ways in which you can bring out new app ideas and take steps towards creating a successful mobile app. Once you have come up with a killing app idea what comes next is nailing the development. Coming up with an app idea is one part of the story and marketing and developing is equally important (if not more). Here are some more blogs to guide you through the process:

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