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10 Machine Learning Technologies You Unknowingly Use

10 Machine Learning Technologies You Unknowingly Use

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When you hear about machine learning, your first thought might be that it is an advanced technology that has nothing to do with your life. However, in reality, machine learning and its associated tech of artificial intelligence (AI) is something we use more often than you imagine. 

In simple terms, machine learning is an application of AI that allows systems to automatically learn and improve based on experience. In other words, it gives machines the ability to access data and use it to teach themselves. 

To give you a better idea, here are some of the use-cases of machine learning that are already improving our lives. 

Unlocking Your Phone with Face ID

A majority of us already rely on face IDs to unlock our phones. In fact, your phone combines artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable this functionality. Every time you unlock your phone, the AI captures the image of your face. 

Using machine learning algorithms, AI then compares the picture with what has already been stored in the system to determine whether it is the same person. It is even more remarkable to know that all these happen within a matter of seconds. 

In Educational Settings

The educational landscape is already going through a digital transformation. The use of technologies has now simplified many tasks that once required manual evaluation. Machine learning helps schools and colleges develop individualized learning programs. 

Of course, although not widely applied yet, this machine learning tech is implemented only in several schools and is not a universal solution. For instance, to get an essay tailored according to your requirements and writing style, you still need an essay helper from EssayHub, the renowned essay writing service. 

However, machine learning already makes it possible to develop unique curricula for students catering to their specific needs, strengths, and weaknesses. 

Text Predictions 

You might have noticed how Gmail predicts responses to emails you have received or finishing your sentences. Machine learning is used to autocorrect your messages and come up with responses based on the stored data. 

In addition, the same tech is also used in writing tools such as Grammarly when advanced spell and grammar checking of a document is needed. 

Email Segmentation 

Over the years, we have been so used to spam filters and email segmentation that we no longer even bother to filter them. In fact, these smart features of your inbox are run by machine learning and AI that filter out messages. However, as scammers get creative, the AI will also have to work around the newly designed messages. 

This is where machine learning comes in - to constantly update the system to define what constitutes spam. Furthermore, the same concept is applied to segment emails into promotions, priority inboxes, and more. 

Search Engines 

It is almost impossible to go through the day without using a search engine at least once. Search engines use the power of AI to scan the entire internet to find the exact match for your queries. The engine is continuously learning to identify what kind of answers are the best fit. 

Moreover, all the ads that you keep seeing on browsers are based on your search history and personalized for your needs. And you can thank the search engine's machine learning algorithms for this. 


The digital maps we use so often, let those be from Google or Waze, use machine learning to provide you with:

  • estimated arrival times;
  • reports on road accidents;
  • construction that can obstruct or alter the travel time. 

The maps use such travel aids using AI to monitor traffic and suggesting the best route to save time. 

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Ridesharing Apps 

Have you ever wondered how ride-sharing apps such as Uber determine the price of the ride? After all, the rates are not fixed, right? Moreover, these services manage to match you with nearest passengers as well as cars. 

The companies used machine learning to predict the demand from riders to come up with the right prices and avoid any surges. Uber also uses the same technology to estimate travel times and meal delivery times for the UberEATS app. 


Artificial intelligence and machine learning are also visible in the mobile banking systems we currently use. It plays a significant part in ensuring the security of our transactions. 

Today, machine learning allows you to deposit cheques on your phone, receive a low-balance alert and even keep your bank accounts updated within a matter of seconds. In fact, AI is constantly working in the shadows verifying all purchases you make, validating, and declining the transactions. 

Streaming Services 

When looking for entertainment, most of us want to turn to Netflix or Prime and chill. But more often than not, we spend a lot of time surfing through what's on offer. Netflix uses machine learning to look through your previous search history to give you recommendations on what you might be interested in. 

It can also guess such specific things as the time of the day you want to watch something. In fact, most of what we watch is based on what machine learning technology suggests. 

Social Media 

Last but not least, our social media networks are constantly employing machine learning and AI to offer you tailored feed on your devices. These technologies have already learned what kind of posts you like and whom you like to follow. It figures this out from your friends' list and filters the content. It also uses ML to prevent the spread of fake news and cyberbullying. 

As you can see, machine learning has integrated into our lives so seamlessly that we have been dependent on it unknowingly. While this technology advances, we can expect to see more changes that can directly impact our daily lives. As of now, we already resort to it to optimize the ways we use our time, enhance productivity, and even make important decisions. 

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