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Employee Stories

Shailendra Pratap Singh

Working with NewGenApps means you are going to get the amazing learning opportunity along with exposure to latest technology.

All this complimented with best IT infrastructure, doubles the joy ? and you feel like as if the whole digital world is yours and there is nothing which can stop your imagination and creativity.

If you want to experience the concept of flexible environment and work with fun, thn NGA is the best example in the whole North India.

If you are willing to work with a company having Strong Leadership, Deep rooted values, First in technology approach, Excellent agility in this always changing dynamic digital world( one can’t ignore the dependencies over technology which we have seen in past few months due to lockdown), and flexible, creative environment with freedom & endless support to learn and implement whatever you want to experiment, then without any doubt NEW GENERATION APPRECIATIONS is the best place to join.

Anurag, thank you so much for giving us this opportunity which made us the person who we are today. I can proudly say that NGA is the company who gave the exceptional boost to my career which I always strived for. Thank you Anurag & Lata for your endless support and NGA ?

Abhishek Singh

I work with NewGenApps from Trainees to Technical Architect for around 6 years. It was very good experience for me from starting days when everyone help me with my work to end days when I was the one who involve with guiding colleges. Lata was always there for any kind of technical guidance and Anurag for motivation and management skills.

Samiksha Yadav

The company is great.

I personally learnt a lot specially technology wise You’ll get good mentor ship and experience there.

All the very best! ??

Shivani Dubey

I had an astonishing experience for the time being I worked in NewGenApps. Not only it helped to enhance my knowledge and skills but also shaped me to work in diversity. I had an opportunity to take responsibility, collaborate with teams, and be a mentor. Besides leadership and management, I also got a chance to work on different technologies and various domains. NewGenApps had a great role in shaping me for a better future.

Swati Srivastava

I started my career with Newgenapps in 2009 and have always enjoyed and appreciated the company’s priorities, insights, and culture. Respect, care and excellence are the qualities that exude from the top and flow throughout the rest of the company.
I am passionate about the work that I do.What I do here at Newgenapps gives me a sense of accomplishment and purpose.I always try to bring a positive “can-do” attitude to my work.

Tarun Gupta

I have been working with the company for 2+ years. NewGenApps has an excellent culture and working environment where you can learn while you are working. The Company’s Infrastructure is amazing, working on iMac, MacBook and when you are tired playstation and bean bags are there. It’s a great pleasure to work with one of the best IT Company in Lucknow.


Warren Jonathan

NewGenApps is a great company to work for with a dynamic leadership team providing knowledge, expertise & vision. As a Xooger, I can vouch for NGA’s tough interview process and daily work deliverables. That said, the team at NGA know how to have fun at work too.

Some of our projects

These are some of the projects we have worked on with entrepreneurs

Songwriter’s Pad

A music app used by Grammy-award winners

My Podcast Reviews

An easy way to keep track of podcast ratings across iTunes stores


Mobile and web apps to connect with nearby users and groups (geo-location based)

I was extremely happy with my project with New Gen Apps. The team is outstanding. Extremely responsive and inquisitive. They ask important questions and make excellent suggestions regardless of the subject matter. I always knew that I was in good hands and would get exactly what I asked for- or better. Communication is, by far, New Gen Apps greatest asset. I was always able to get a clear and articulate answer right away. I never had to wait or pester for an answer- it always came immediately. The team has an incredible work ethic and cares very much about their customers. They want what is best for you. I absolutely plan to do more work with New Gen Apps, and recommend that anybody building an app do the same.The team is always willing to go above and beyond when asked. Terrific team that produces quality work. I will always look to NGA first for any project.


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