Case Studies

How we implemented right strategy, creativity, technology and talent 

iOS, Mobile


Zig360 is to be a tool that provides today’s ambitious professionals who are time poor a way to strategically plan their business connections towards achieving major career goals.

Cloud, Android, Mobile


HRMS is a simple and intuitive app designed for organisations,managers and employees who need real-time data relevant to their organisations.

iOS, mobile


ContexU is one-of-a kind application that brilliantly organises all the events related to your phone book.

Phonegap, AWS, iOS, Android, Mobile, RoR


Employsure is a provider of employee management and workplace safety services.

iOS, Mobile

Map Alerter

MapAlerter is a regional government alert service for the people residing in Ireland who want to receive any imperative notifications from their Country

iOS, Android, Node, Mobile

My Homey

My Homey is an endeavour to make it easier for users to hunt for a property/home or real estate agents.

iOS, Mobile

At Home Healer

At Home Healer is a very concise app developed basically for the clients to look out for the clinics.

Android, Cloud, Mobile

Baby Development

Android application designed for parents or fundamentally everyone who wants to track various milestones in a baby’s development from birth.

iOS, Mobile

Biz Parking

Application that lets the users locate a public parking space with the help of other registered users that are in the vicinity.

Node, iOS, Android, Mobile


GeoConnect is a social application that redefines social interaction by Geographically Connecting people with their communities.

Phonegap, AWS, iOS, Android, RoR, Mobile


Hap9 allows users to glance all the intriguing places around the city with the help of map based video streaming solution.

iOS, Mobile


Humtap is a music creation app whose mission is to enable real-time music creation and sharing for everyone on-the-fly.

RoR, AWS, Web


System that not only provides every little detail about the events happening but also lets you customize the results by brands

iOS, Android, RoR, Mobile, Web


MetNav app is an initiative of MetLife Insurance Limited to develop a user-friendly platform specifically for their policyholders.

iOS, Mobile

Plan Central

PlanCentral is an app created for client and developer interaction and also allows users can store their idea instantly on activity under plan.

iOS, Mobile


Prompster is the ultimate teleprompter and public speaking companion with which you can eliminate cue cards, flash cards, paper notes and scripts forever.

iOS, Android, Mobile

Songwriter's Pad

Songwriter’s Pad is a beautifully designed application for the music lovers which lets them write their best songs.

Android, Mobile


Sunglass application exhibits a list of sunglasses of various sorts, apt for casual and formal wear.

iOS, Mobile


Swangg is a music based application where people from around the world band together to make music videos and new original tracks.

Android, iOS, Mobile

Unbxd SDK

Unbxd SDK is packed with features like Searching, Analytics and Autocorrect that provides customers a simpler way to implement Unbxd APIs in their applications.

Android, iOS, Mobile


UpTick app is the world’s most epic and realistic stock / forex trading game in the store that takes real-time data from over 20 global exchanges.

iOS, Mobile


With the advent of iPhones, iPads, and DSLR cameras shooting video, the opportunities were great for video syndication.

iOS, Mobile


VIP app is just a medium to make links between Doctor Alan and their clients without the necessity to actually visit the hospital on a regular basis.

iOS, Mobile

Plastic Surgery Simulater

This photo distortion app can transform any body part to simulate various plastic surgeries.


Parse Migration

We had developed a complete mobile based platform for the client- Paragoni LLC.

PHP, Web

We worked with WH Smith, the retail giant, on a project - an e-commerce portal.



Internet of Things

Web App

Web App

Web development provides the experience and tools to create effective interfaces and build websites that are based on navigation upon purposeful development and design.

Mobile App

Mobile App

NewGenApps is developing application software for handheld devices such as enterprise digital assistants, personal digital assistants, or mobile phones.


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