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The cat is finally out of the bag. Apple announced some amazing new hardware and software at the WWDC 2012 keynote. There were some expected announcements at the keynote – improvements to the new versions of MacBook Pros and MacBook Air. Increased speed, better graphics, better performance to name a few.

A major announcement at the hardware end was definitely the new MacBook Pro. Full retina display, much sleeker than the current MacBook Pros (its as thin as the MacBook Air), it is definitely a thing to die for! Releasing today, priced at $ 2200, but totally worth the cost – considering the amazing graphics, fast processing and the ultra-sleek look!

Apple also announced the release of Mountain Lion and iOS 6. Mountain Lion will be released in July and iOS 6 will ship in fall 2012 (developers get access to the beta today 🙂

Watch out our blog for whats new with Mountain Lion and iOS 6. Check out our twitter feeds for live updates and pics – @lata_nga

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