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Will My App Get Kicked Out from the Apple App Store? - NewGenApps -

This New Year Apple has initiated a cleanliness drive on its App Store by issuing a wide scale warning to the apps developed using the DIY app makers, copycats, and spams. While it looks like an innocent initiative to clear the clutter, over hundreds of thousands of apps are caught in the net, regardless of them being genuine business applications. Overall it is a bit surprising act especially when there are many small businesses who are genuinely benefitting from these cheap services.

This shouldn’t be a total surprise for the tech-savvy audience as Apple updated the App Store guidelines soon after its Worldwide Developers Conference in 2017. A new rule was added in the design guidelines which was a clear warning to the business who are relying on these cheap alternatives instead of developing their own apps from scratch. Apple has sent direct emails to many companies with DIY solutions which states that any new app they create will be rejected by the App Store. While some were able to secure their existing applications we can never be sure about their continued existence.

Why is Apple being so stringent?

Apple even before had a “do not clone” guideline to prevent outbursts of copycat mobile apps. The company has clearly stated that the idea has to be unique both in terms of design and functionality. This makes sense as it a fair not approve clones created using one-click templates or mass produced apps created only to capitalize on a trend.

In the absence of these restrictions, the Apple App Store would be flooded every time an app like WhatsApp or a game like Flappy Bird showcases mind-boggling results. Within weeks there would be hundreds or even thousands of developers trying to leverage the market vibe. This would de-emphasize the work of ideators and create a lot of junk.

Hence Apple has decided to tighten its grip on the developers and has made its rules stringent to fight the nonsense apps. These updated guidelines give it a strong base to kick-out the applications that fail to offer a unique experience to its users.

Should I be worried?

If your app is created using a DIY app maker then you have all the reasons to be worried. With Apple taking major leaps to eliminate the clutter, it is evident that sooner or later you’ll get caught up in the fire. Many genuine small businesses who were enjoying benefits of cheap app development tools are facing critical threats to their existence on the Apple App Store. The impact is such that it resulted in a total shutdown of many app development companies like ChowNow and Shoutem. Since an upcoming smash is evident, it is a practical decision to save your existence or else loose critical business and branding earned through your mobile app.

I do understand the concern. But what should I do?

We at NewGenApps have always been in favor of customized app development over the use of DIY app makers. It does costs a little more than using one-click templates but an investment in creating a unique experience goes a long way in supporting your business. You can either get your app developed by an app developer or opt for progressive web applications.

Getting a progressive web app developed allows you to enjoy mobile existence with minimal investment. Progressive web apps, in fact, are web applications that are responsive on mobile. It allows you to leverage the benefits of a hybrid application while providing a more engaging and seamless mobile experience to users. There are many popular companies that have built progressive web apps with names including Forbes, Trivago, Washington Post, OLX etc.

Can you help?

Of course, we can and we will. At NewGenApps we have built many popular mobile apps and we can do it for you as well. With over 10 years of experience in the mobile app development industry, we have established deep expertise in this domain. Our passionate developer’s team can shape your dream idea into reality. Contact us today and we will get down to business ASAP.

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