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Why is Social Media Marketing Important for Your Business?

Importance of Social Media Marketing in Your Business - JoomDev

Marketing in the past involved getting together graduates with marketing degrees and experience to create a plan that would hopefully, create or attract customers to your product or services. Times have changed with developments in technology introducing new ways to market products and services. One of the major developments is social media marketing that several brands are starting to take notice of while others have already capitalised on it. Some of the brands taking advantage of social media marketing include Nike, Chipotle and Guess. 
With the benefits offered by social media, there is no reason for a brand not to be on it. Some benefits include convenience, access to several customers and affordability. Furthermore, there is plenty of user-generated content that brands can use to promote their products without needing to reinvent the wheel. You have employees you do not have to pay. You may be thinking about joining in but need more convincing. Here are great reasons why you should not ponder any longer.

Saves money

Conventional marketing can come with a huge cost that bites into your company budget that could be used for other important things. With social media, this budget can significantly reduce because it is free to sign up. Rather than employ a marketing team, you can capitalise on user generated content or create your own using photos and videos. The content can include products being used by customers and how to videos that guide customers on the best ways to use your product or how to assemble it. All these can be done at a low cost and in little time compared to using a marketing team to explain many of these things to customers. 

Increase sales

Social media hosts a lot of people. Some platforms, such as Instagram, have over 1 billion monthly active users that may be on the lookout for their favourite or soon to be favourite brands. It’s about getting in front of your followers, in an organic way, and Growthoid is the best Instagram growth service to get your brand ahead of the game. When a brand opens a social media page, it helps to link to a website or application that provides more information on a product or service. A brand can also get involved in comments on topics of interest to their customers that will help drive traffic to ward your platforms that could increase sales. The more people are browsing through your website or application, the higher the chances of converting them into customers or at least getting them talking about your product to other potential customers. 

Community focused

Communities in the real world often have people with similar interests come together and share. Social media is almost a direct replication of communities through its niches. These are groups of people who like similar content and use that commonality to engage each other. Communities help get your “eggs into one basket” so that you can easily kill many birds with one stone. On social media, you can engage communities by actively commenting on topics that interest them, creating hashtags that attract them and retweeting content they enjoy. All these will make your brand more relatable drawing them to your brand. 

Get more eyeballs

Brand awareness is very important to get the word out about the products or services you sell. Social media creates a massive opportunity for brands to showcase themselves by sharing content through photos, videos and text. You can create content that will draw them to your page, use already existing content to draw them or reach out to them directly in their direct messages. Engagement is what social media is all about and creating awareness about your brand will require you to go to participate in topics that your customers enjoy through comments and retweeting. Sometimes, participating in your customer engagements could be what brings you that customer because it exposes your brand to them. 


Marketing is key to pushing your brand’s message out there and, in the past, it was enough to have a marketing team. Social media marketing has changed that by taking marketing into the virtual and offering benefits beyond physical advertising, allowing more and more followers the chance to see your product or service. Some of the benefits include increased sales, access to communities, cost savings and more attention toward your brand that could turn into sales. Choosing an appropriate social media channel will make your marketing more efficient in attracting more customers. 




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