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6 Reasons: Why Should You Create Your Own App Without Using DIY App Makers?

The mobile app market is on a constant rise. Every business small or large wants to leverage the potential of mobile technologies to improve their business presence. While there are multiple options available to create your own app it is best to keep a strategic approach towards app development. Your choice depends on your knowledge of app development, your coding skills and your expectations from the mobile app. While creating your own app you will face the choice between choosing a DIY(Do It Yourself) App Maker or to hire a custom app developer.  What sounds like a stunning idea may not be the best approach. While it sounds easy and cheap to create your app using a prebuilt app making platform it is not all true – and definitely neither easy nor cheap.

Serious about your business?  Create your own app without denpending on DIY app makers :

Many businesses are opting for DIY app makers thinking that it would be a better option. The primary reasons why people choose app makers for creating their own app is because it sounds easy, takes less time and looks very cheap (maybe free at times). But the problems with these pre-built tools are multifold. Here are 6 reasons why should always hire a professional for creating your app:

1. Costly:

The subscription fees for these app makers are very high. Here is the pricing of some major DIY App Makers that can help you create your own app:

  • Swiftic costs $48/mo, if you take the annual subscription.
  • BuildFire starts at $19/mo but that is too basic for business thus, you need to opt for at least $59 per month.
  • Appypie costs $999 per month for the Gold Plan (their best value option).

If you calculate your annual expense on the app you will realize that the cost will range from few hundred to thousands of dollars and this expense will continue till your app in alive. While in the case of hiring a professional you pay a one time cost that will incur only at the time of development. If you go for a white label app then these app makers will cost even more thus, hiring an app developer is always a feasible choice.

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2. Limited Customizations:

The level of customizations that are possible with DIY app makers is nowhere near the options available with custom app development. With custom app development you can create an app of any scale and usability. If you are using prebuild app makers than your options will always be limited. You cannot have everything you want and if you want to move to the advanced app then the costs incurred will be very high. If you choose an experienced app developer to create your app from the very beginning then you can have exactly what you want and can make whatever changes necessary with time. The cost involved in upgrading will significantly decrease.

3. Security Concerns:

What level of security will be offered by these app makers? Guessed you wouldn’t know. Security is a primary concern particularly if your users’ personal information is at stake. If you get your app developed by a professional app developer you can double check on the level of security they have provided. With DIY app makers, you are always in the dark unsure of whether your transactional data and customers’ information is safe or not. If you are serious about your data and app security than hiring a professional to create your app is the go to approach.

4. No Uniqueness:

If everyone is using a pre-set theme than there won’t be any differentiating factor. In order to make your app stand-out in app market, you need to design a very intriguing user interface. This may not be possible with DIY app makers even if it provides you with customization tools. There is a lot of science involved in crafting an impactful user experience. When you use a DIY app maker you might not be able to create a UI that is best for your user. To create a good experience you need to research on the preferences of your target market and accordingly design the app, this takes a lot more effort than just drag and drop.

5. Low ROI:

The arguments that favor the use of DIY app makers are low cost and easy to design approach. But you won’t be able to create a great UI with a pre-built interface and we have already proved that cost is not at all an advantage. With an app maker, you compromise on a variety of factors and compromises won’t bring out the best in your business. With a custom designed you can get exactly what you want along with a user interface that hooks the users. With a great app, you will be able to achieve your goals much easily whether it is websites visits, conversions, engagement, or any other objective. Thus, you generate more ROI if you create your own app and not depend on a pre-built solution.

6. Limited Cross Functionality:

If you use the DIY approach you might end up neglecting a large number of devices on which the app might be incompatible. Another advantage of creating your own app is that you will have a more cross-functional app thus you can cater to the needs of a larger audience.

Thus we have seen that you should always create your own app particularly if the app is for business purpose. DIY app builders are good if you have a low budget, won’t mind seeing branding or ads and your end goal is not a high returning business. But if you want to look professional then better create your own app using professional’s help than using an app maker.

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