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Website Design Best Practices In 2021

The internet is a gift to the human race, from the human race. It is crazy how far we have come. Technology is only advancing itself, and we are the ones taking the real advantage. Education, entertainment, and all other things of similar nature are going hand in hand. 

There is an ocean of websites online. They are all just a click away. The best part is, the websites are also embracing changes for their betterment. It is, for the most part, a yearly thing. So, let’s go over some of the best website designing practices that we will be seeing in 2021. These trends will be followed by the Web Design Company in Toronto to the one in Tokyo. It will be everywhere.

Animations that rotate

Animations have been around for a while now. What is going to be new about it, you must ask. Well, they are going to be rotating in 2021. Are you ready for it?

Minimalist and modern 

We have all had our fair share of experiences with abstract art. Minimalism has developed from the same, and it is what the modern age is loving. While you can see it everywhere classy these days, website designs are also going to embrace minimalist and contemporary elements in 2021. 

Diagonal sectioning

Websites have had horizontal sectioning ever since the idea of websites was conceived. It is a bit boring, don’t you think? Well, not anymore because 2021 is not going to put up with anything repetitive. Perhaps it’s for this reason that we can expect to see some cool diagonal sectioning on websites

Low light and dark mode

The dark mode isn’t hidden from any technology freak. Most of us have it on our phones even. It is a different satisfaction level to scroll through various apps on your phone in the low light and the dark mode. Imagine how fun it will be to do the same on websites. Well, you are going to see both of those features on website designs in 2021. 

Interactive features 

While we can’t precisely predict how interactive the features of websites will be in 2021, we can tell you that they are all going to be super fun. Everyone enjoys some responsive little digital characters. 

Gradient color schemes

Well, if we say Instagram should get some credit for inspiring the gradient color scheme in website designs, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration. Some websites are already on that smooth color transition trend, while most are planning to start with it in 2021. It is very pleasing to the human eye. So, why don’t they do it already? 

Dimension and depth in designs

You might want to come at us and yell about how dimension and depth in designs are not a new trend. We want to repeat that 3D will be fresh enough for website designs in 2021. 

Big titles 

Again, big titles are not something that we will see for the first time in 2021. However, the way they are going to be presented is the real deal. Websites are going to pair them with engaging backgrounds and crisp words. No matter how they choose to do it, it is going to be connecting anyway. 

Detailed footers

Footers are not the most attention-grabbing parts of websites. In fact, they go deeply unnoticed. Probably that’s why websites decided to incorporate detailed footers in their designs in 2021. That way, it will be easier to grab information out of footers. Also, it will give more content to the website. That is never a bad thing. 

Abstract shapes

Like we talked about modern designs, abstract shapes are also a part of the list. People might love them for whatever reason, but they do give some edge to the place wherever they put. Websites in 2021 would be good enough. 

Creative colors

Now, this can be a little tricky. This is because not a lot of you will get what creative colors mean. To put it simply, they are anything but the colors that our eyes are trained to see. Websites in 2021 are going to implement them in their designs. 

Horizontal scrolling 

Our fingers are sore from scrolling vertically all day long. Probably horizontal scrolling will give them a rest. That’s what websites must have thought while deciding to replace the good old vertical scrolling with horizontal scrolling in 2021. It could be good, could be awful; we don’t know yet. Only time will tell. 

Style guide

Following a style guide for your website is crucial to make sure of its consistency. You need to not go over the top about the design; keep it simple. This has got a lot to do with being consistent and maintaining a brand image. 

Establishing and choosing a color scheme is equally important while thinking about a style guide. Right from the font to the sizes of all the information placed on the website needs to be taken into consideration. 

If one wants to form a brand identity, a style guide has no match. Stick to what works because random experimenting can blow up as well. 

Image placement 

Compressed image placement has been a rage all over in 2020. Do plenty of research about image compressing before you get started with it. However, there should be no compromise on the quality of the images as it can disengage your viewers. 

To increase the engagement of the website, make sure to include relevant and interesting images on it. High-resolution images may lead to an increased loading time for the web page. This is a big mistake if you are just starting out. 

Do not lose viewers or followers with these little mistakes. The best possible solution for this is to compress those images while maintaining standard image quality. 

Do not overdo the spaces

White spaces can be seen in most web pages. While designing a website, white spaces play a far more important role than people understand. Utilize these spaces well with engaging content and imagery. Make sure you do not fill it up too much as it distorts the web design.


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