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Ways In Which Restaurants Can Better Use Digital Signage

What do you think about fries with peri-peri on a rainy day? Perfect, isn’t it? That’s how digital signage goes with restaurants in a competitive world.  

Imagine you are starving, and you come across digital signage showcasing some of the most appealing delicacies. Could you, by chance, control not drooling over? Probably not. You would intact want to have something that’s there on the menu as soon as possible. That’s how impactful digital signages are! 

Restaurants employ digital signage to display information like TV menu boards, the making of the food, the hygiene levels maintained, the serving plates, etc., to attract the customers’ attention, sell more, and make the overall eating process interesting for the customers. 

To know more about how you can use digital signages for restaurant to stand out, keep reading. 

Ideas to use Digital Signage for Hotels

Display Boards Stating ‘To Wait’

Let’s just all agree that nobody likes to wait, especially when they are hungry. By employing digital signages, you can make the waiting process fun, as the customers now do not have to look at the imprinted walls or at least the empty table. The more you make the content that’s getting displayed fun and engaging, the better. 

You can use your screens to show the waiting time, providing a reason to the customers to control while also reducing the anticipated wait time until they get their hunger fixed. 

Digitally Share The On-Going Offers With Your Audience 

When is the best time to roll out a discount? Right before your customers are offering a purchase. Optimize this with digital signage displays to inform them about the incentives they can avail of on specific products or the benefit of going for a combo offer, etc. This will teach validation in them about spending their money and let you upsell or promote new products in your eatery. 

Showcase Menu Boards Digitally

When you showcase menu boards digitally, you stand a better chance at getting sold, irrespective of the long queue. By displaying menu boards, you are creating a distraction and letting your customer make more informed choices. 

But in case of any change, do not forget to update the digital display board accordingly, because it would otherwise create confusion in your staff and customers’ minds. 

Display Your Social Media Feeds

The food industry is leaving no stones unturned to make more and more people become foodies. Use your digital signage to showcase your social media feeds like Instagram, Twitter & Facebook to gather more participation from the people. 

When users find themselves on the big screen, it automatically creates a buzz amongst the customers. You can ask your users to share feedback in return for a coupon or a feature. This way, you will collect more content, boost engagement, build trust, and have more people come to your restaurant. 

Moreover, the recognition becomes easy. Through a digital signage displaying your social media feed, more people will be fancied and will want to come at your place, click pictures, create and share content. This will boost your presence in the minds of the people. 

Sell More Through Digital Signage

There is no doubt that digital signage makes everything look more appealing and has a better conversion. So, depending upon how good your customers’ eating experience is at your restaurant, they might add one more item to their bill, maybe a dessert looking at the digital display. Therefore, you get a chance to upsell your product through digital signage only because it came as irresistible. 

Reflect Your Aura

In today’s day, catching a vibe has become a norm. That is proving to be an advantage for many restaurants, as they are showcasing a personality. Please make use of digital signage to showcase your story, some quirky quote, your chef’s favorite dish, your staff members introduction, menu recommendations, game scores, any event that happened, etc., to let your users know more about you and want them to come back to you. 

It is essential to understand that personality is what adds life to a plain-sailing menu. With digital signage, you give screens the vehicle to portray your very best. 

Foster A Sense Of Community

Restaurants are the only place where people voluntarily want to keep their cell phones aside and enjoy the company of food and the people they are with. By using digital signage displays, you can build a community between your customers. Pop a question that can ignite a conversation amongst the users. Maybe something around the flavors? Imagine where that conversation would land upto!


To survive and thrive in the race that digital media has put almost everybody into, smartly planning your marketing strategy is inevitably the need of the hour. Now that you know how excellent digital signage usage makes your restaurant, what are you waiting for? Install one, and leap ahead of your competitors. 


Reina Jones


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