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Using Web Scraping to Become More Competitive in Your Industry

Which Web Scraping Technique to Choose?

We all want to get a better edge in our industry. From taking seminars on the weekends to overbooking our late-night networking meetups, millions of hardworking professionals try to climb the top of their industries every week, every day, every hour. 

But what if there was a data insight program that can help put you above the competition in minutes? 

With data scraping, you can use advanced computer technologies to place yourself ahead of the curve and give your business or company the competitive edge it needs to set itself above the rest. That’s why web scraping has become the key to so many industry professionals looking for ways to become more competitive in their fields. 

This article will discuss what web scraping is, how it works, and how you can use it to become more competitive. 

What Is Web Scraping? 

Sometimes called data scraping, web scraping is the process of extracting information from various websites and then utilizing that information to form an actionable, effective business plan. 

Web scraping is another word for automated data collection from websites to gain valuable data insights. Companies then use these insights to boost performance, stay up to date on competitors, redesign marketing strategies, and more. In short, web scraping gives you data from any public website. 

That means that if you work in a business that relies heavily on data harvesting, particularly a digital company, web scraping is a formidable tool in your belt – especially if you want to take your company to the next level. 

How Does Web Scraping Work? 

Understanding how web scraping works is not as complicated as everyone thinks. Web scraping works by extracting data from websites in a completely new and transformative way. 

In the past, companies have used methods called screen scraping, which only copies the pixels displayed on the screen. Web scraping, on the other hand, pulls the underlying HTML code and, as a result, procures the actual data from the websites’ database. 

The actual process happens in two parts: the crawler and the scraper. The crawler is a sophisticated bot that surfs through thousands of websites and internet content to locate the websites that meet your criteria. The scraper is the feature that completes the actual procurement. It quickly extracts data from the website and relays this data to you, although the type of scraper can vary depending on the kind of project you’re doing. 

While there are some instances where web scraping is illegal, if you use web scraping for a legitimate reason (such as price comparison, market research), it can drastically aid your professional endeavors, boost company profits, and more. 

How Can I Use Web Scraping to Become More Competitive? 

If you’ve worked on a marketing or sales team in the past five years, you know how important understanding data is to your company’s success. 

Data analytics has become the cornerstone of marketing and business plans for companies worldwide because data is a powerful tool for every brand, company, and entrepreneur. In short, data insights can help brands target better business models no matter the industry. 

Web scraping is at the heart of that. Since web scraping is the process of collecting and computing mass amounts of essential data, it’s no wonder companies are using these technologies to gain a better edge. 

Here are a few different ways to get ahead of the curve using data scraping. 

Brand Monitoring

If you work in a company where it’s essential to stay on top of brand trends, web scraping is one of the best tools available to help you and your team achieve this. 

Using data collection, you can better monitor what consumers think of your brands and product. Then you can take these perceptions and tailor your marketing strategy to boost brand perception.  

Price Intelligence

One of the more common uses for web scraping is that price intelligence allows you to monitor competitor prices in your market. When you extract products and prices from various websites, you can turn that intelligence into an actionable marketing plan to stay ahead of your competition. 

Price intelligence can help with dynamic pricing, revenue optimization, product trend monitoring, competitor monitoring, and more. 

Market Research

Whatever your industry, understanding the ins and outs of your desired market is key to the success of any business. With web scraping, you gain better insight into your target audience and market, and with this knowledge, you can better develop strategies. 

When you have more sophisticated market research, you can better understand key areas in your marketing campaign like marketing trend analysis and market pricing.  

Business Automation

Sometimes, the internal workings of data between companies can be complicated, and it can be a headache to extract data. Web scraping eliminates that headache by making it easy to procure data in a structured way, even when it comes internally or from partners. 

Where to Start? 

If you’re feeling confident in your web abilities, you can create a web scraping service on your own. Before you start, you may want to learn how to create a bot and store the bot on a code capsule, and then design the scraper element. 

Be sure to look at some general web scraping tutorials as a starting point if you’re a beginner looking to develop your own scraping service. 

Still, it might be easier to pay for a service initially, primarily if you’re relying on the surface to improve your business. It’s important to vet your options to find the right service that works for you.  

Luckily, there are many services to choose from. Parsehub is an excellent choice and is also free. Zyte is also a highly rated service built up of veteran web scrapers and data experts. 

Final Thoughts 

Web scraping is a must-use tool for competitors trying to carve their name as top contenders in their industry. 

Whether you are trying to monitor your competitors to keep on top of the game, or you wish to get a more in-depth understanding of the market you’re trying to break into, web scraping is a formidable tool. Take advantage of the data by reaching out to one of the services and become a top member of your industry. 




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