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Top 7 Benefits of Hiring a Managed SIEM Provider

What is SIEM-as-a-Service? A Guide to SIEM | BitLyft Cybersecurity

Organizations have become more than buildings, desks, people, and papers. In this modern technological approach and digital solutions era, organizations and businesses are more of a tangle of electronics, traditional, and digital elements. With the new approaches, the means of keeping an eye on the system for possible breaches and risks of threats has also evolved. SIEM is one such approach that has been rapidly gaining popularity for an overall security lookout for networks and systems used by organizations. If you are new to this term and want to know how exactly it helps in doing what it promises to do, we have just the right matter for you. This article will look through the top 7 benefits that you, as an organization, will get if you hire a managed SIEM provider. If you are ready, let’s get started. 

Stick by the rules and regulations

Data security is a fragile thing and needs to be governed by various rules and regulations, as framed by authority bodies such as PCI and HIPAA.  Each of these authority bodies, depending on industries, has its own set of rules and regulations on how to best manage data. When you are building your system, you need to be wary of such details, which can be troublesome. However, when you hire from a Managed SIEM service provider, you are hiring from field experts on the matter. They will easily be able to help you be compliant with such rules and regulations so that you can generate reports whenever necessary for further improvement. 

A little about Managed SIEM 

An abbreviation for Security Information and Event Management, SIEM is the fusion of Security Information Management (SIM) and Event Management (SEM). In simple terms, Managed SIEM is system software that detects security alerts caused by network hardware and applications and provides a detailed analysis and reports on them for an in-depth understanding of what that alert was and how it came to be. 
Organizations that utilize Managed SIEM will have a complete understanding and detailed record of all the activities taking place in their IT network. It is possible through event correlation, reporting, log management, and data analysis provided by the system through intelligence that has been gathered globally. 

Top 7 Benefits of Managed SIEM 

The SIEM system is quite useful software for businesses nowadays as a good part of the activities are digital and cloud-based. Having a system like SIEM adds to the security and supervision of the systems being used. However, the main question that may bother individuals is whether it is better to build or buy one or simply adopt a model that can help in threat detection. 
It is understandable that by adopting or hiring a model, an organization will have to lay its data bare to a third party. However, despite that, other things make Managed SIEM worth giving a thought to. We have listed here the top 7 benefits of Managed SIEM Provider that you must take a look at before you make the final decision. 

Very economical

To start it off with, hiring Managed SIEM is way lighter on the pocket than building or buying a system. Building or buying a SIEM system will have to look at individual costs of hardware, software, licensing, and so on, which can pile up to a pretty big amount. 
However, when you are hiring the model, you will only have to pay a part of the system as the provider distributes the costs to their other clients as well. Therefore, you get the same results and solutions, but at a much economical deal. 

Continuous monitoring

With a hired Managed SIEM system, you get a burden off your shoulder because the providers make sure that their clients’ networks are monitored around the clock. This means your threats will be detected faster and more efficiently. 
In the case of in-house systems, having the duty of monitoring around the clock will only add to more errors and a huge blow to resources. With hiring Managed SIEM, that prospect is eliminated.   

Flexible in nature 

Having your SIEM system will not just cost you but also keep your IT teams engaged in it, where they could actively use that time for more profit-oriented activities. It is difficult to manage and makes the procedure rigid, without any scope for flexibility.
However, when you hire a Managed SIEM Provider, you are relieved of these responsibilities while your provider takes on the complete role. Thus, you get your hands free to engage in activities that are more important to the organization and let your provider do what it does best. 

Expert advice and insight 

If you see it in this way, when you build your system, you are not just investing in the system but also in the personnel who will be handling the system for you. This means you need to spend time and effort to find the right individual to take on the responsibility.
However, when you are hiring the services, you are already getting your services from a team of experts who are well aware of what they are doing, what needs to be done, and what is best for your organization. They will be able to give their valuable advice in management and security, which can be crucial to your data protection. 

Easy integration and execution

Building a system from scratch will be a much more difficult process than hiring one. Not only that, the entire integration and execution process will take time because then, the new system has to be linked with your systems at every point, which is time-consuming and takes a lot of effort. 
However, when it comes to hiring, the providers already have a simple onboard process that helps the integration of systems and immediate execution simple and quick.  

More options

Lastly, firing Managed SIEM will give you a ton of options in the form of tools for better detection and through reports. While these are also possible for in-house systems, every tool will cost an additional amount, which you can get at a much cheaper option if you hire. 
So now you know the benefits that come with hiring Managed SIEM. Therefore, it is advised that you consider these options as well when you are making the final call. 




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