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The Top 4 Website Builders for 2021

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There is no shortage of website builders today, and that’s not necessarily a good thing for someone who is only just starting out. Admittedly, more choice is good for the customer, but unfortunately, the number of inferior site builders is far greater than the number of platforms that truly deserve your attention. With that perspective in mind, let’s check out the top four website builders that deserve your attention this year. This is not a comprehensive list of course, and you should click here to find out more about other excellent website builders which we may have missed out on.


Considered almost unanimously to be one of the most comprehensive website builders available, Wix comes highly recommended for anyone looking to build their first website in 2021. This suggestion is based primarily on the fact that it is a very intuitive, easy platform to use for nearly anyone. In fact, the free version itself is so full of easy-to-use features that Wix’s good reputation as a site builder immediately feels well-deserved.

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It is not well-suited for advanced users who are expecting to customize their base templates very intricately, and that goes for paid users as well. As a paid user, you will get access to an astoundingly large collection of templates, but they won’t get much easier to customize though. Also, in case you find their paid memberships to be very confusing, know that you are not the only one who feels so! Nevertheless, with a very generous free version and a decent $14/month starting point, Wix still deserves every bit of its well-earned reputation. You can check the Wix review for more information and benefits.


One of the biggest and oldest names in the site building and domain name business is GoDaddy. Understandably, the vastly experienced, resourced and reputed internet giant brings one of the best website building experiences that a new designer can have. Plans start at $9.99/month, and we really liked the speed and intuitiveness at which the GoDaddy site builder allows its users to design, develop and even take their site online. It has all the necessary business apps available for you to build and upgrade a truly commercial website, which makes it one of the best choices for budding entrepreneurs.

Make no mistake; this is a site builder that focuses almost exclusively on commercial aspects of the sites, so the in-built blog integration is not the best we have seen yet. Customization aspects are average, and AI-powered suggestions and automated activities do the heavy lifting, for the most part, to make it accessible to everyone.


Everyone knows about WordPress at this point in time, given how long it has been in use and how big the WordPress community is. It’s an extremely powerful website builder with a vast community and a very long list of plugins. People can essentially avoid paying altogether, as even in the free variant, there is no shortage of features on WordPress. Although given that membership starts at only $4/month, we highly recommend signing up for a paid plan, if only to get a custom domain name.

WordPress was not originally meant for building commercial websites, but it has since incorporated a dedicated eCommerce site builder, which works quite well. There are certainly better options for commercial websites, but given the sheer amount of customizability, options, plugins and community support which WordPress has to offer, the site builder is more than well-suited for advanced web designers.


Another big name like GoDaddy that has been in the business of hosting for almost two decades, is HostGator. Their cheapest plan starts at only $3.84/month, which makes it the cheapest website builder to use on this list if we were to only include paid memberships. Now, keep in mind that HostGator has no free versions that you can try out, so the cheapest plan is also the minimum amount you must spend every month to access HostGator’s extremely easy to use, site-building interface. Small businesses, in particular, will find the fast setup and SEO friendly tools to be useful, but the service is not yet sufficient for larger, enterprise-grade business sites.

Note that if a website building platform has to be truly useful to the user, it must also be suited to their level of skill. For example, a very intricate platform that allows minute customizations through programming would be perfect for someone who knows how to code, but practically unusable for the average person.

On the other hand, any site builder with an intuitive interface that allows for easy web designing would be best suited for most users, except technically advanced ones who expect a lot more from their site-building platform. The best platforms are the ones that manage to strike a balance between the two, by scaling their utilities up or down in accordance with the user in question.




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