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Technology: a Boon in Digital Marketing

7 Digital Marketing Techniques That Are Evergreen | by Evans Craig |  Marketing And Growth Hacking

For about a year, the world has observed and learned that work from home is equally or more beneficial than being at work. This was made possible because of the technology (mobile phones, PC, broadband connection) in every household today. Now, these gear were seen as weapons in the process of earning money in bulk. Digital Marketing now is not only limited to window shopping but is also a means of transmitting services, like online tutoring. International business is no more a big deal as long as you have the best broadband connection. Social media is no longer a platform to meet new people but has become a platform for the advertisement of products known and unknown. 

To stop these ads too, we need to pay a cost. The people who were stuck with a stereotypical occupation, like engineering and accounting, have become renowned YouTubers. People are so ready to make a business empire online and secure the future of the loved ones they have not even seen. There is more to it, and you can know it all with TechyHost. If we understand what digital marketing is, the role of technology in it will become more apparent. 

Digital Marketing

So, what exactly is Digital Marketing? In simple words, it is a branch of marketing that uses digital platforms, like Amazon and YouTube, to promote goods and services. It has several categories: Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-per-Click, Social Media Marketing (SMM), E-mail Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing. The whole digital marketing process takes place and gets delivered through digital devices, like mobile phones (android or iOS) and PC. The technology indicated are the most familiar and important devices used in Digital Marketing. Besides the primary devices, televisions, voice search, chatbots, digital hoardings, and others are used as a medium to promote goods and services. In the making of a promotion, camera, network operator, tripod, several layouts, and video-editing software, drone, microphone, and many more techniques and devices are used. There are times when a technology used in the promotion or the making of a promotion of a product or service is the product or service itself. A tool like a camera, by a certain brand, is used in the making of the promotion of itself. A YouTube channel promising to make its audiences digital marketers by the end of its video also promotes the service that created the YouTube channel. Writing an article on digital marketing or the techniques incorporated in the making. These are a few examples of how technology is used in the making of a promotion, medium of promotion of the goods and services themselves.

The read above has made it quite evident that digital marketing and the technologies incorporated in it go hand in hand. Do they? Digital Marketing came into whatever form it is now because of technology. With zero doubt, Digital Marketing is used in the promotion of technology, but as mentioned above, technology is used in the making of the promotion for itself. Digital Marketing cannot exist all alone. The use of technology in this branch of marketing is a must. 

Technology is constant and independent, but Digital Marketing is variable and dependent on technology. Technology has existed even before the name of Digital Marketing came into existence. When a person thinks of starting a business online, the first thing that will trigger his mind is the types of equipment that he will be needing. His idea about a business online will be incomplete without the thought of the technology he needs to incorporate in the whole process. Thus, he will not only gather ideas but will also gather gears to execute his ideas on how to start a business online.

To sum up, the things mentioned above, there is no means of conflict between technology and Digital Marketing. Both aspects belong to the same family; one came into existence because of the other and got its well-defined purpose because of the other. If technology wages war against Digital Marketing, none but the technology will be left wounded because it is the reflection of technology. Even though the technology is constant and independent, it cannot dominate Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing has to live in the limelight for understanding the purpose of technology used in it, but even that does not make Digital Marketing dominant. Digital Marketing cannot solely exist without technology. Technology being the guardian of Digital Marketing, cannot abandon it because it has given numerous new purposes to technology. None but we, the human, the creator, and the consumer of technology and its products, are highly dependent on our creations. We create, we consume, and it goes in a loop. Like McLuhan once said, “We shape our tools, and afterward, our tools shape us.” We shaped technology, with the help of that technology, we shaped Digital Marketing, and now both of our creations are shaping us. The question is not if technology is a boon in digital media, but the real question is if the tools mentioned in the article created by us are a boon or a bane for our race?




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