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4 Major Tech Innovations and Trends in Food & Beverages Industry

The food and beverages sector is evolving at a fast pace in regard to warehousing, customer demand, and technology. Due to the fast-paced evolution, it is becoming difficult for the industry to keep up with the changes forget about tracking them. The technology is helping managers to improve quality control, increase the speed of staging or sorting of products and restock items efficiently. These tasks are dependent on the technology that has a huge impact on warehouse operations.

There are so many technologies that are rising in popularity such as warehouse management system and automatic guided vehicles. This is benefiting operations of the warehouse – picking accuracy and a decline in errors – create a working environment and increase the productivity of the food industry.

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Implementations of New Gen Technologies in Food and Beverages Industry:

Listed below are few technologies trend that allows creating a suited environment.

1. Flow-through Sortation:

To keep the food and beverages inventory stocked, companies are bringing distribution center, sorted, stages and sequenced to quickly restock shelves on the same day. There are several of operations that are considering the flow-through sorting system to make the task of restocking more simple. It is more of an automated storage and retrieval solutions which has wheels like structure to move around automatically. This system also incorporates robotic palletize and de-palletize which offers scalability, modularity, and flexibility while transporting trays, totes, and cases.

This allows operators to acquire inventory swiftly and then break it down to fit in the pallets as per the sequence in which the stations are developed. This gives an aisle-friendly pallet, roll cages, order pallets and totes can that improves the time consumption and accuracy of store shelves.

On top of that, the shelves are built with the longer-life material, no manual handling of inventory and high availability to restock shelves. This improves product quality that has a huge impact on consumer satisfaction that will increase business at a huge rate. Even in the future, there will be more sortation type of technology that will be much more reliable and flexible.

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2. Equipment Innovation: Flexibility and Adaptability:

Operations are bend on to provide the best customer services that can increase the rate of productivity and delivery expectations. An e-commerce website has made it easier for the food and beverages industries to order product as per their convenience wherever, whenever and whatever they require. This has bent the focus of food industry to order profiles.

Order-profiles are now taking the world by fire, whether it is small and frequent food products. This gave companies more options to place a retail order at a large scale and trifling e-commerce order. This food and beverages solutions and equipment allow the new trend to move towards more flexible and adaptable functionalities.

With the help of this equipment, operations are able to maintain their rate of production steady and are embracing technology with open arms. This is a sign that industry is ready for a further evolution in the world of technology, packaging and product delivery.

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3. New Era of Voice Technology:

Voice technology is not something new. It is into the open world for a decade now. However, the food and beverages industry just realized the use of this technology that allows them to put a hold of several costs such as an online transaction. It also allows increased accuracy in the food industry.

The cost reduction and return on investment have become the most observed field due to the enhancement in the voice world. Especially order picking has a huge impact due to the implementation of voice technology. Earlier, handheld scanner devices were used that had a total of nine steps to wrap up the order picking. Whereas with voice technology has reduced the steps by 40 percent. It is also a great way to decrease mis-picks and picking error that to 50 percent lower the handheld scanners.

Voice technology has also affected the duration of time and workers training which in result increase the trust of a customer with increased accuracy. The workers are a requirement to maintain the value and accuracy in the workflow. However, voice process has streamlined the working operations as voice commands are used to optimize a task. This has reduced the cost of training or supervising the workers.

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4. Increase in AGV Technology:

Earlier, automated guided vehicles were misinterpreted by many foods and beverages industries. They believe that AGV is not trustworthy despite how safe or reliable the technology has become. However, now the things have started to change gradually. Industries are incorporating AGV for their operations. This all-of-a-sudden trust is because of the arrival of self-driven cars.

Companies are now focusing on collaborating operations (facilities) with automated systems. This means that companies are increasing the accessibility of AGVs in warehouse operations. It is encouraging AGV integration with other technologies as well. Due to this, the communication between the automated storage and retrieval system with AGV has become the main focus of the warehouse systems. This is allowing the food and beverages sector to increase efficiency whilst saving money.


We all are aware of the advancement of technology by signing the touchscreen by our fingers and wide use of the application to order food from famous restaurants directly at our doorsteps. This is the basis of the technical world. There are so many technologies that are changing and improving the food and beverages world. It depends on entrepreneurs to walk abreast with the technology in order to grow.

These technologies have changed the industry and in future, we will see an advanced version that will alter our perspective towards the innovative world. With the constant change in technology, you can use machinery for a fixed time. Also, it becomes highly important to embrace innovative world otherwise you will be left behind with nothing to trace back your performance.

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