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3 Case Studies: Successful Use of Innovative Technology in Marketing

Technology has revolutionized businesses in all spheres. This fundamental change is brought due to the disruptive nature of such technologies. Innovative big data solutions, engaging AR and VR experiences, intelligent automation software and IoT based machinery all depict the pathbreaking uses of technology in business.

Among all, Marketing is one of the most influenced fields when it comes to the impact of technologies. Marketers are always on the hunt for creative ideas to engage an audience. At NewGenApps, we have always supported the use of innovative tech in marketing. You can always go through our blogs covering the uses of Big Data in marketing, AI and Ml in sales, augmented reality for retail marketing etc. In this blog, we will share some out of box uses of technology for marketing & sales. These 3 stories will inspire you to make stupendous campaigns yourself.

A Virtual Eye-Candy for the Travel Enthusiasts:

Framestore VR Studio and Relevant in association with Marriott created a unique teleportation experience using virtual reality. The Framestore VR Studio tested the limits of technology by creating a fully immersive travel experience for people. Stimulating vision and hearing was not the limitation of their idea. They went a step ahead from the classics and created an experiential campaign. Using sensors and triggers inside a telephone booth-like structure they changed our thinking of travel.

Their primary toolkit included Oculus Rifts, heaters, and wind jets. Using these they simulated a realistic experience of traveling to Hawaii and London. The tour involved a choice between 8 US cities and each session extended to 100 seconds.

Though it wasn’t actually as good as being there, it might help you decide on your future trips. It also helped Marriott position themselves as a quirky and forward-looking brand in the market. If you want more information, you can view the case study here.

The biggest selling point of this campaign was that it provided a wholesome experience and went beyond a basic 360 video. The idea was successful enough for Marriott to launch its second VR campaign named “VRoom”. In this campaign, they brought the rejoice of virtual travel to hotel residents. People could borrow a VR headset and explore different locations across the world from the room itself. Overall this was a very innovative move on part of Marriott. Hopefully, we can see a lot more applications of VR in future.

Using Data Analytics for Seamless Reservations:

VenueLytics team have been working with the owner (David Pogue) at Shboom Nightclub in San Ramon, California.  This Venue is a combination of Restaurant and nightclub with different music themes from Wednesday to Saturday every week (Latin Nights, Top 40 Hits, Top DJ nights..).

Mr. Pogue was interested in an integrated real-time solution to manage his table reservations for the restaurant, bottle service for a nightclub, guest list, WiFi guest registration, deals and events for marketing. He was particularly interested in making sure that his customer reservation requests are processed promptly, even when the venue is not open on Monday, Tuesday, and Sunday.

Before using VenueLytics, their customers used to call or leave a voicemail or send emails for reservation requests, and it was difficult to manage with a prompt response. With VenueLytics Platform setup on the owner & manager’s devices, they are able to receive their customer requests in real-time from their website, social media and the ItzFun app (available on the iPhone App Store) as push notifications and manage all of them with one application. It helps them with operational efficiency, customer engagement in real-time and service automation for the managing their services.

Currently, VenueLytics is being used to promote their New Year Table Reservation booking. You can see the new year table reservations here (this is managed with VenueLytics backend system).

The Quirky Approach to Greeting Cards with Augmented Reality:

There’s something very molded about society today. Everyone is buying the same things and nothing feels personal anymore – specifically greeting cards and e-cards – where people simply sign their names above dotted lines. Then came TinkerNote to break this cycle and to give people more opportunities to express themselves creatively.

TinkerNote is an augmented reality greeting card app that allows users to personalize and customize their cards and send them straight to their friend’s coffee table. They even have creative ideas for holiday cards. The extra half a minute to create a TinkerNote adds more personality and thoughtfulness to one’s message. Moreover, viewing a received TinkerNote in a personal environment, such as your living room or kitchen with family and friends in the background, makes the experience much more intimate. It really encapsulates the power of augmented reality.

Creating a TinkerNote is simple: choose an empty or existing template, then drag and drop assets to create your own TinkerNote. You can change the asset’s scale and color, give it a text bubble or attach your voice.  Later, you end up with a TinkerNote that is completely one of a kind. Here is a note from Liron Lerman, the developer behind TinkerNote:

“Kreatar the company behind Tinker Note, is a subsidiary of The Glimpse Group, a holding company of augmented reality/virtual reality startups. Even though Kreatar’s mission is to design presentations in an augmented reality space, I felt strongly that TinkerNote’s early adopters would like to use it in a more casual way. My first experience with making something personal was creating a PowerPoint presentation for my girlfriend at the time when I was a teenager –  I found myself telling a creative story through slides. But the thing that bothered me was that there was too much technicality in PowerPoint for me to deliver my feelings. Fast forwarding to now, with Kreatar’s first product, TinkerNote, which allows users (as well as myself) to create presentations in a less official and awkward way.

The app is already gaining traction with younger audiences. We’re seeing thousands of downloads from all over the world. We have a five-star rating on iOS and Google Play and plan on keeping our standards high. Despite this early success, we are always thinking about what can always be improved. We are constantly looking to developing more assets, whether it being footballs and baseballs for our sports pack or more playful Santas for our holiday pack. A new feature that we plan on adding is one that allows users to literally jump into a TinkerNote! In other words, a user would be able to walk around a Christmas tree or kiss a penguin.”

Overall there are many possible applications of innovative technologies in sales and marketing. All you need is an able technical team by your side. This is where our abilities can come in handy. At NewGenApps, we have developed specialized skills in working on ground-breaking technologies. Our capabilities in mobile app development, AR/VR, big data, and automation can help you reach your goals without having to deal with the burden of developing in-house IT competency. Contact us today for a project or POC.




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