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Small business on Instagram ideas

Small Business on Instagram

Online businesses are thriving in this digital age. Now, it is possible to establish and control an entire business virtually. Instagram is one of the popular platforms where you can set up your business effortlessly. It sounds good and easy. However, many beginners struggle to find out accurate business ideas that suit them. So, we are going to share some Instagram-based business ideas in this post that are profitable on this platform. Let’s go ahead.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is perhaps the most common business on Instagram. This is a vast money making idea since brands are spending billions of dollars each year on influencer marketing. An influencer is someone who simply influences his followers to have something. To be an Instagram influencer, you must pick a profitable niche at first. Your bio has to be eye-catching so that people feel interested to follow you. After that, you have to post virtuous content constantly using the right hashtags, so that you get good Instagram likes and followers. When you gather a decent number of followers and have a good engagement rate, you should contact relevant brands for a partnership.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a widely recognized business around the world. The business is very profitable if done right. Here you get a decent commission for selling and promoting others’ products. Instagram is an appealing place for affiliate marketers because it is a highly engaging platform. You have to choose the right affiliate network at first based on the product and commission rates. After signing up the affiliate network will provide you special links that can be tracked. You can promote the link in both organic and paid ways on Instagram. For organic promotion, you have to create and post outstanding content to get a good number of traffic who tend to buy the promoted products. 


Instagram is extremely visual. So, it may turn into a blessing for a professional photographer. Instagram features an excellent feed that is perfect to showcase your photographs. That’s why many photographers use it to create their online portfolios. You can start a photography business on Instagram in two ways. The simplest way is to use Instagram for promoting your photography service so that recruiters can find and hire you. On the other hand, you can directly sell your stock photographs. To form a successful photography business on this platform, you need to be a master at camera work, writing attractive captions, and building an active community.

Fitness trainer

Fitness is a good-paying business idea on Instagram. If you are a fitness trainer, you have several options to monetize your profile. People usually follow fitness trainers and expect regular fitness tips. So, you have to post frequently to engage your followers. Besides, you should have a photogenic attitude so that you can post photos of workouts frequently. You can promote yourself as a personal fitness trainer on Instagram. As a result, people will hire you who like to work out at home or have a personal fitness issue. Moreover, if you have a very attractive physique, chances are brands will hire you as a fitness model for their products.

Makeup artist

Makeup artists usually have a crazy number of followers. If you are extremely good at makeup, you can gather a huge number of followers and monetize your skill. One point to keep in mind that makeup is a competitive niche for Instagram-based businesses. But, you can beat competitors by following some strategies. Your style has to be unique than other makeup artists on this platform. Shoot your photo vertically since it is the default format on Instagram. Besides, never ignore the power of engaging with audiences. You can promote your makeup service for a particular event on Instagram. Apart from that, you can sell makeup tutorials too to monetize your skill. Many brands hire makeup artists to share makeup reviews with their followers. So, you can contact them for more business opportunities. 


Instagram is a grand place to showcase your talent. You can turn your talent into a business opportunity on this platform. You can be an entertainer and work with brands to promote their products and services. Are you a musician, dancer, comedian, or songwriter? Then you can create an Instagram profile and post content relating to your work. When you become well-recognized by a ton of followers, chances are people as well as brands will hire you for different kinds of events.

Fashion and jewelry

Working with fashion and jewelry is a good business idea both with or without any event. It is considered an evergreen niche for business. Instagram can aid your fashion and jewelry business with an extra boost if you have effective strategies. To be an entrepreneur like that, you must ensure your product quality seriously. Furthermore, you must have a good sense of product photography. If everything is ready, upload colorful and attractive images of your products to post on Instagram. You should give particular attention to clarity, creativity, and color while shooting photos. Always post regarding trending items to catch more eyes. Besides, never forget to include your website URL in your bio.

Instagram manager

Having a huge number of followers and a high engagement rate means you are quite good at managing your Instagram account. If you can grow an Instagram account and maintain such quality performance, you can do it for others too. So, you can provide Instagram management service to individuals as well as businesses. Instagram managers are in high demand because businesses lack time to maintain their accounts and generate effective strategies to boost their visibility. However, you need to be passionate and organized to provide such services since you have to meet deadlines and generate reports for clients.

You should find hundreds of Instagram-based business ideas if you carry out a little research. But, don’t pick an idea for the sake of money only. Always look attentively at your passion, the market demand, and the monetization possibility before starting any business on Instagram.  




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