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SEO Tips to Gain More Sales on Your E-commerce Website

SEO Tips to Gain More Sales on Your Ecommerce Website

E-commerce websites are becoming a norm since the pandemic with it, people can get anything they need without stepping out of their homes. The reality now is that most e-commerce websites are experiencing low customer traffic and sales conversion. 

These reasons might be due to the increasing global competition, but it is easy to overcome this challenge by applying some marketing tips till you get it right. Without an effective marketing strategy, no business website, e-commerce website inclusive will convert sales.

Why SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) optimizes your business visibility online. This means that without SEO, the business will go unnoticed by people. Basically, SEO helps your website rank higher in all search engine results; the first ten results that pop up after searching for a specific keyword are fully optimized websites. There are many aspects that help measure the success your page will have with an SEO strategy.

Not everyone has the patience to scroll to pages since they can get answers right on the first and second pages. So, the importance of SEO to business websites should not be underestimated.

SEO Tips To Gain More Sales

1. Well Researched Keyword Strategy

The basis of SEO is keywords, as they determine how high your eCommerce website will appear on search engines when it is searched for. To start with this, you can use Google keyword planner and research your competitor’s keywords and how popular they are to come up with a keyword for the website.

Using the right keyword is important to your eCommerce website, and any fault with that can affect your sales drastically. Using broad match keywords is important, but if your business targets the local market, use a professional translator to avoid spelling errors.

Do not rely on Google Translation for your Keyword; they are automated translations, and Google will only translate words for words.

In lieu of that, an SEO consultant can help with the SEO strategy of your website. They are professionals that help you implement, manage and plan your SEO strategy. SEO consultants do a lot of content strategy planning, web analytics, link building, and web marketing for your eCommerce website to gain sales.

2. Concise Content

Your customers are all over the world, and the only means of convincing them to patronize you is through your content. When you think of the content as a medium of communication where you cajole them to tell the truth only, then you are on the right track to making more sales.

Your content should be original and effective to make the customers click on the ‘buy now’ button.

3. Think International But Act Local

Don’t get confused with this; you have potential customers worldwide, which is why you have to think internationally, but at the same time, you need to customize your eCommerce website to suit local customers as well.

A complicated website makes no sense to the local man, so maintain your brand as a global business and also make the local man comfortable navigating through your website.

4. Include Product Description

Your product description should be convincing enough to lead to positive action by the customer. Also, make sure you use unique product descriptions only; most eCommerce owners copy and paste descriptions from giant eCommerce websites to the websites; hence the business gets filtered out when customers search for it online due to plagiarism.

To avoid this, hire a product description writer to create a compelling but short write-up for the website and also persuade customers to leave a review for your products on the website; this helps in gaining more sales.


Everything has a foundation, and SEO has proven to be the foundation of high-ranking eCommerce websites. A website that is not optimized will appear like a regular website and will attract no customers.

Applying an SEO strategy to your website puts your business in a better position to gain more sales. All you need is good keyword research using your competitors’ websites and Google keyword planner.

The importance of good and unique product descriptions shouldn’t be underestimated as they help convince potential customers to hit the ‘buy now’ button. 

Conclusively, an SEO consultant will help place your business website in a better position to rank high with his expertise in web marketing, link building, web analytics, and content strategy planning.


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