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Remote work 101: Effective Tips to Virtually Manage Your Team

One of the biggest surprises of the current COVID 19 pandemic is the way we all work and live. In this case, as offices have emptied, the ‘work from home’ concept has become the norm rather than the exception. Apart from that, it is now more acceptable to work with remote teams from all over the world. After all, online collaboration platforms such as MS Teams, Google Docs, and Zoom are available now. They are coupled with the rise in ever-faster internet speeds. This has led to the whole world becoming an office. Now all you need is a relevant platform, a smartphone, or other devices of a similar nature and a reasonably fast internet connection. Et Voila, you have an office on the go. Let us see how you can increase the efficiency of your remote workforce:

Embrace Remote Working as the New Normal

Many workers are used to working in offices only. Indeed have been doing so for their whole lives. It is not easy for them to transition from the office to a work-from-home environment, with all of its attendant distractions. You will need to give them some time off to adjust. You will also have to be more accommodating to their workplace and should overlook background noises during conference calls, at least for the first few weeks or till they have adjusted accordingly. Once you and your team are on the same page, you will see that work will be done much faster than ever before. 

Make Sure They Are Self-Motivated

Remote work almost always requires a certain degree of independence.  In fact, your remote employees must have and subsequently retain the ability to do their very best work without any sort of direct supervision whatsoever. This is because they might be working in completely different time zones. If your team is operating from all over the world, not being able to communicate with them will automatically lead to a sense of self-reliance. However, this is only possible if your teammates are both self-motivated as well as independent operators. 

They should have Sound Prioritization Skills

Remote employees do not attend offices where they are only focused on one task alone. Working remotely means they would have to juggle both home and office responsibilities simultaneously. If they cannot do that properly, the whole team may get held up, time and again. It is your task to make sure that they know the importance of their work and output. You can consider rewarding the people who finish their assignments before everyone else, in a consistent manner. Consequently, you can penalize the ones who tend to lag in their work.  

Flexibility and the Ability to Work with Modern Tech

Remote work is only possible thanks to innovative technology such as 5G and advanced Wi-Fi, not to mention the gadgets that use them. All of your teammates should have to attend a series of training sessions on how to utilize advancements in technology to create the very best output. The more well-trained the workforce, the easier it would be for them to utilize their working hours most effectively.  

Provide them with the Best Equipment 

Training is always only as good as the equipment required to run operations. You will have to provide them with state-of-the-art devices that they may use to work for you. You can either purchase them and send them to your workforce or send the required funds so that they could do the needful themselves. 

File Sharing Software 

Teamwork is only possible if you can share the tasks that you do together with your team.  There are many easy ways to file sharing that act as a great alternative to WeTransfer. Using such a platform will be of great help with virtual team management. For example, you can use Google Docs to share files via URLs, You can also use various other software to share files in real-time so that you would be able to work on the same files together. 


Remote working is a highly beneficial practice, provided that you train your workforce and give them the right tools to get the job done right, every time. 


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