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Recruiter.com Review: A Powerful Software for Recruiters That Are Busy

Major corporations spend millions of dollars each year trying to find the best candidates to fill their open positions. The process is extremely time-consuming, and rarely successful — that’s why they need expert help from a recruiting software like Recruiter.com. Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons why your company should be using this software for its hiring needs, not only to save you time but also to help you hire more qualified candidates than ever before!

1. Save time with Recruiter.com

Recruiter.com is a great tool to help you manage your job search. You can use the site to post your résumé and search for jobs on your own. You can also use their services to help you find a job. Recruiter.com will submit your résumé to companies and contact you if a company is interested in interviewing you. The company will inform you of the next steps, such as making an offer, if appropriate. When you’ve filled out an extensive job application process, putting your all into it, you’ve made an incredible investment. Whether you were lucky or not, you’ve done all you can to have the employer you want interested in hiring you. Unfortunately, the majority of applicants will never hear a response from the hiring company. Fortunately, Recruiter.com can save you with its advanced matching engine that now allows you to include keywords in your resume to maximize your chances of being contacted by job-makers.

Before you post your resume on Recruiter.com, you’ll need to create a profile. While there are many tools on the internet that helps you set up your own personal website, it’s essential for using the software of Recruiter.com. According to numerous customer reviews, the website loads very quickly once you create your profile, and once you’ve done that, you can upload your resume. Once your profile is live, use their automated job search to find now specific job opportunities that interest you, not only in your field but also in your local area. Recruiter.com uses advanced criteria-matching software to analyze your resume to find the best candidates for each open job. It also claims to find matching candidates not only within your field but within your city or state. You can search for unique keywords, such as ‘sales data’ or ‘accounting’ to help you find similar roles. If you’re curious about how it finds candidates in your specifics, here are some of the basic ways:

Recruiter.com offers practical tips and tools for an efficient job search. Let’s look at three of them:

1)  We’re looking for event or speaking experience that is relevant to this role. The events we’re interested in are either giving, attending, or teaching. For example, we’d love to speak on applying data science to wellness, Innovation in the healthcare industry, or Mapping Innovation in the Manufacturing sector. For more information on what we’re looking for, visit jobs.recruiter.com. We pay $1 per 1000 words.

2) If you’re struggling to find candidates to interview, use our job keyword tool to find people interested in the type of job you have. Use this tool to find contacts and send an email offering to help you find candidates. Make sure you’re already following up with those candidates before scheduling a conference call to meet in person, so you can glean more details about their backgrounds, experience, and leadership. 

3) Recruiter.com will categorize your profile into these four segments: event, teaching, consulting, and associate. You don’t have to do this step if you don’t want, but it’s a good rule of thumb. You might charge your prospects more if you do this step, but long-term, you’ll get more candidates. So, when you’re looking for candidates who’ve already received a few interview offers from your company, send them this email: When you open the email, they’ll see a simple ask for a short response that helps you decide who may be a good candidate for the position.

3. Create, customize and manage your jobs

Get started by creating a job. You can also create a job that’s a video, a product, an event, or some other type of content. Either way, show your readers what’s inside the job. Within your job, add previous experience and qualifications. This way, if you’re hiring someone for a position that involves knowledge or a strong interest in a specific topic, you know about the experience you need as well.

Now we’re going to need more than just your job title. Use a combination of keywords so that you can find the right person. Try to include the following in your search results:

You can even include descriptions like:

“a person who works on cutesy things”…

“a fun person to hang out with”…

“a funny person”…

“a person I’ve only met online”…

“I think her favorite movie is Mean Girls”…

“somebody who’s worked at a big-box store”…

“a person who does/posted on LinkedIn”…

When you have your job title figured out, you may want to use a similar keyword so you can find the exact person you’re looking for with their first two search results.

Below your title is your job requirements and your expected workload. This will help you set expectations and make sure you both agree that this position would work well for you. You can even include a salary range if you’re a mid-career professional. You can use what you need the hire to know about your position, such as the company’s mission, core values, and company culture. You can even go as far as writing it in the job description itself. For example: “We are sensitive to your personal safety and satisfaction. Personal health and safety is our highest priority. You must communicate respectfully with customers and colleagues.’’

4. Keep track of your candidates and their progress through the hiring process

The best way to stay on top of your hiring process is to keep track of everything. You need to know what applicants look like when they apply for a job, what their information is, and how well they’re progressing through the hiring process. There are several different ways you can keep track of applicants and their progress. Your HR department can help find candidates for people using the following tools:

1. Resume — your prospective hiring candidate will fill out a simple resume with their full name, job title, company, education, portfolios, and previous work experience. 

2. CVs — both candidates need to include a job posting on their respective job boards. 

3. Resume templates — are basically sample resumes that the HR person has created based on your CVs. To make things easier for them to review and process, it pays to give them a few different template options. 

4. Interview questions — this is the main place candidates can display their knowledge, skills, and experiences. Interviewers will use these questions to sort through resumes and determine if they’re a good fit for the company before you even meet in person.

Statistics bear this out: it takes between 150 and 230 days for a company to hire a new employee. When applying for a job, you might have the advantage of taking a recent college graduate (or someone who has recently graduated), someone with outstanding experience, busy professionals, or first-time job candidates at face value. The key is to search for any marks in common with your candidate to make your job search easier and therefore faster! When you have a list of candidates with similar attributes, you can match them up with job titles.

5. Conclusion

Recruiter.com is for recruiters by recruiters. For the past many years, Recruiter.com has been the place where recruiters gather to share their expertise and help job seekers find the jobs they want. Recruiter.com is built by recruiters for recruiters. It’s truly a 21st-century recruiting technology. It is compatible with Gmail and Outlook, and makes it easy to search for candidates and contact them. The best is that this tool has prospecting capability. You can use it to ask your network direct questions, use it to conduct in-person interviews, and much more! 

Because recruiting is such a time-consuming job, many companies shy away from hiring candidates without a track record. So, it’s crucial to provide them with a high-quality resume. Recruiter.com comes at this task with full force, and helps employers find the most suitable candidate for every open position. Furthermore, the app also makes it easier for you to schedule meetings with those candidates. So all you have to do is answer a few simple questions and voilà! You know immediately if a candidate is a good match. Finishing this blog with the conclusion that Recruiter.com is the best tool to help you find your next talent.

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