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No More Duplicate Files On Mac: Check Out How To Keep The System Free

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Duplicate files are copies of your original documents. These can be created by malware or when you gave the double command while storing images, iTunes, or other information. But, in your Mac, duplicate files should not have any space. As these files grab your system storage. Therefore, you will face difficulties while downloading games, applications, or other important documents. The best tip is to delete these duplicate files from your computer and enjoy the amazing speed system process. 

How to delete duplicate files from your computer? 

There are two ways to delete duplicate files from your Mac. you can go with the manual process or choose software to delete unwanted files. Let’s discuss both in detail:

How to delete duplicate files manually?

When you are in no mood to install and use third-party software to delete files. You can use the finder tool to find and delete duplicate files. Just remember, this is a time-consuming process and has a high chance of making a mistake. So, be careful while using the free finder tool. Let’s know how to use the finder tool:

  • Go to File and then New smart folder to open finder in mac.
  • You will see a search bar on the right corner of the screen
  • Type the name of the file you want to delete
  • You will see a list of options filled with matching files. 
  • Check by pressing space for preview and delete one by one file from the system. 

Remember, once you will delete the duplicate file, these will move to trash. So do not forget to clear the trash and take the advantage of additional space on the system. 

How to delete files with third-party software? 

Several third-party tools help to find duplicate files on Mac. These applications are more secure as they ask you about the surety before deleting files. The best part is that there is no need to check and find one by one. The application can help find duplicates on Mac with a few clicks only. You will get a list of all duplicate images, iTunes, and other documents in your system. 

You can find and delete files by considering dates, drives, folders, and more details. You can also find and remove files by considering the largest storage items.  

Keep in mind, as discussed there are several third-party software available, all you need to choose the most authentic and safe for your system. Therefore, do not forget to read reviews and key features of your selected software. It will help to save time and you will have enough knowledge about the software in advance.


If you want to enhance your work productivity and boost system processing removing duplicate files is an essential step. It helps to save time and create enough space for extra savings. If you have enough time to spend on the screen, you can clear individual duplicate files from the system. Otherwise, choosing duplicate files software can help you and clean the system with a few clicks. 


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