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Next Big Blow Up Might Be Missed Because of the Fixation of the Market on Inflation: An Insight by Paul Haarman

The big shot investors in the country, are concerned with the inflation present in the market. This fluctuation in the market impacted the investors, so it currently has all of their attention. Amidst this, the tension between the U.S. and China has been on the rise, impacting the market but can be missed because their current concerns already occupy everyone.

The investment institute BlackRock issued a report which warns people of the upcoming situations. As per the report, the Geopolitical Risk Indicator is at its lowest in the past four years. 

The report’s analyst has mentioned that investors are not paying attention to geopolitical factors even though these factors have been on the negative side the entire year. If any significant changes occur now, it can prove devastating as investors are not expecting it.

The world is looking at the chances of two major economies in terms of technology of the world going separate ways. If U.S. and China decide to stop trade between them, it will cause the market to fall. The current President of the U.S. is much like the previous one and is paying his attention to critical technologies while his Chinese counterpart puts self-reliance in tech on the top of his list of priorities. Investors like Paul Haarman get a lot of benefit from the economies trading with each other, and if they go separate ways, it will not be very profitable for them. 

The Geopolitical Risk Indicator

The risk indicator of BlackRock is based on two different metrics. The first one is based on a scoring system on a computer that considers both the positive and negative geopolitical risks mentioned in reports and news. 

The second one is a model that assesses the impacts of geopolitical factors and events on assets worldwide. Both of these are then combined, and a single index is created. A negative reading from this index would mean that the model’s predictions do not meet with what is happening in the market and vice versa.

The exact seriousness of the measure cannot be estimated as BlackRock did not mention the same readings, but they have made it clear that it is the first time in 4 years that the measure on the risk is negative.

Major Risks Faced

The significant risks that are faced at this moment are as follows:

  • A separation of U.S. technological industries from the Chinese ones
  • Cyberattacks
  • The rising crisis in the market because of the inability of some countries to control the current pandemic

The report of BlackRock has mentioned that most countries’ current focus is to increase the rate of vaccination so that they can overcome the pandemic and resume their markets as soon as possible. This is the reason why the focus has been shifted to economic recovery rather than geopolitical factors opines Paul Haarman. But the chances are that the market would be hit by the impacts of these factors when it is not at all expected.


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