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Must-Have Apps for Any Small Business in 2021

Running a successful business is a complicated process, especially when dealing with a lot of competition like nowadays. However, to improve your business processes, lower your cost, improve your brand awareness, and battle with your competitors, you need to leverage the power from third-party apps.

Many powerful apps can transform your company into an organization from the future. We all know that technology is moving at a fast pace, and sometimes it is hard to keep up. Nowadays, many AI-powered apps can replace entire teams and manage operations without human input. 

However, in today’s article, we are interested in the more basic apps that can improve your productivity and management of your business.

1. Microsoft 365

It is almost impossible to run a company without good office software. There are many different office platforms on the market, but despite the fierce competition, Microsoft is still one of the leaders in this category.

Microsoft 365 includes 3 big office software apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint that are crucial for every business. You can also sync them with OneDrive for online backups or use another cloud provider like Dropbox or Google Drive.

2. FreshBooks

Since most small businesses are starting with limited resources, sometimes it is impossible to hire many people that will take care of every position in your company. In fact, most small businesses are operated by the business owner that covers many positions in the company.

Fortunately, many apps can help you manage different sectors in your company. Accounting is crucial for every business no matter its size. 

FreshBooks is a very popular cloud-based accounting service designed with small business owners in mind.

This app is packed with many useful features like invoicing, time tracking, expense tracking, a host of business reports, and even enables you to take credit card payments. The best thing is that you don’t have to take accounting classes to manage your company. Its interface is very straightforward and aimed to help non-accountants.

3. Avast Business Antivirus Pro

Online security is one of the most overlooked factors when starting a business, despite its importance. Nowadays, there are plenty of cyberattacks that can leak information from your database, or corrupt your important.

In order to protect your business, you need good antivirus software like Avast Business Pro.

It is packed with tools that will keep you protected by enabling email protection, anti-spam, Firewall, and the ability to sandbox applications before installing.

4. HelpCenterApp

This app is packed with many useful features that can be used for different parts of the business. First of all, HelpCenterApp is here to improve your customer service by enabling you to have online chat support, a ticketing system with a support desk and FAQ. 

Since customer support is one of the most important things in a company nowadays, this software is very important since it can take care of everything using automation features. 

Such an app is very important especially if you have an online eCommerce store. You’ll be surprised at how much customer support can increase your conversion rate.

5. Slack

This is an app that can help you improve your company’s productivity. Slack is a platform that will enable you to start communication with your employees, schedule tasks, set reminders, start projects, and much more.

Basically, it is an app that will take care of every process in your company. You can also assign team members to specific tasks and track their progress along the way.

The best thing is that Slack is very customizable and user-friendly and its simplicity makes it perfect for every person in the company.

Final Words

These are some of the apps that can boost your company by helping you manage all processes on your own. Most of these apps have free versions, but it is not a significant cost to get their premium versions that are packed with features.

Either way, the point is that you should use the technology to your advantage and find the right software or app that can help you manage your business and improve your business procedures.




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