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Is Node.js great for e-commerce website development?

The boom of ecommerce in this internet era has tremendously changed the shopping industry. With the increase in ecommerce websites, social media channels and mobile applications, shopping has become an online activity. People are now able to order a wide range of products with just a click of a button. So, with its simple to apply nature, it is given that e-commerce business became a great opportunity for the budding and established entrepreneurs.

Now like in any-other field, competition has skyrocketed. It became necessary for an ecommerce website to provide a great user experience and stay ahead of their competitors.

As mobiles are becoming an important device in accessing the internet, the websites also need to be mobile responsive. So a selection of a good developmental platform is a must for ecommerce websites.

One such developmental platform is Node.js which became a popular choice among the developers all around the world. It offers to build powerful and robust websites. It also enables scalability of websites. Many popular ecommerce businesses such as PayPal, Uber, eBay, etc. are built using Node.js.

What is Node.js?

Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment that runs on Google’s V8 engine. It is able to run outside a web browser and enables developers to communicate with servers for back-end applications. It can therefore improve both server-side and client side developments thereby creating dynamic web pages.

Now check this advantages of hiring node.js developers in detail.

Open source

Node.js is developed by a close knitted community that is devoted towards its development. The main selling point of node.js is that it is open source. So it is totally free. This significantly contributes to reduction in the developmental costs.

Availability of Plugins

As node.js is an open-source, there are many ready to use plugins available. These plugins can be effectively used to maintain different crucial aspects of the website development thereby enhancing the performance. They can add many options to the e-commerce website that make it more robust.

Large Community

Node.js being an open-source, there is an active participation from developers around the world. They try to make it better and more powerful. With their help, Node.js is documented in a detailed manner and is updated regularly. Many issues that one might face during their start of their journey with Node.js are already solved and are available on the internet. There are many solutions and ready to use plugins available on Github. This decreases the involvement of a professional aid to troubleshoot the same.

Same language for both back end and front end

Most of the front-end use JavaScript.  As node.js is based on JavaScript, now both the front-end and back-end are JavaScript based. This tremendously upgrades the loading speeds and thereby performance of the ecommerce website. It enables both the front end and back end developers to communicate easily and reduce the developmental time. This also greatly reduces the members required for the development.

Greater Developmental rate

As node.js is open source, there are many libraries that remove the need to build the website from scratch. Many parts of the code are resulable. This enables the hired node.js developer to build and deploy the website at faster rate..

Product management made easy

We all know that an ecommerce website needs to deal with a lot of products and their individual details. Node.js uses NoSQL database, wherein multiple product details can be managed effectively and efficiently. This makes the product catalogue management easy.

Faster data streaming

Node.js architecture allows the HTTP request and its response to go as a single data channel, thereby removing the load-inducing events. This helps in speeding the data processing. It also makes the product search much faster because the response action is already initialized as the search action is. This further makes the management of files seamless and at the same time load multiple items. This helps the costumes to make faster purchase decisions.

Cross platform software

As discussed above, Node.js can run on different operating systems. This makes it very versatile in design and its compatibility on various platforms like Microsoft Windows, UNIX, Mac OS X, etc. is possible. This enables the hired node.js developer to create simple modules effectively without facing any difficulty in running different platforms.

Greater speeds

It is crucial for product pages to load faster, so that users can access the actionable areas and seamlessly proceed with the choosing and ordering of products. Node.js is equipped with a V8 engine built by Google. This enables it to optimize the load speed and enhance tremendously. This further allows the need of just a single thread to manage multiple asynchronous I/O operations. In short, node.js is great for delivering ecommerce websites that work at great speeds. Paypal has tremendously improved its speed by cutting down the overall response time by 35%.

Delivers great performance

Instead of serial tasking i.e, doing one task after the other, node.js has a multitasking ability. It is a great feature for websites that have a lot of traffic and need high amounts of data transfer. An e-commerce website needs to perform many operations such as user login, changing product details, adding products to virtual cart, removing products from the virtual cart, selecting payment options, order checkout, user logout, etc. As node.js supports multitasking, it can effectively perform these operations simultaneously. This eases the friction between the website and user, providing a great user satisfaction.


At the start of a business, the budget is tight. When the business booms, one needs to expand. As node.js is JavaScript based, it has an event-driven design. This enables it to run on a diverse types of servers like Microsoft Windows, Unix, Mac OS X. Because of its caching ability and multitasking ability, it works by creating simple, small modules. These can run concurrently and new modules can be appended quickly. This eases the scalability of processing and it is a great choice to choose for an expanding business.


Node.js technology is a highly powerful and customizable tool for the development of an e-commerce platform. Ecommerce websites built with Node.js greatly improves the performance and enhances the user experience starting from user login to user logout. Because of its modular architecture and cross platform nature, scalability of the ecommerce website becomes easy and enables a smooth business expansion. Moreover, hiring Node.js developers will help you in saving money. It also helps in creating a budget friendly ecommerce website within a given timeframe.




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