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4 Major Tech Trends Bringing Growth in Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is changing just like any other sector. With the advancement of technology, the product is becoming more standardized, predictable and consistent with stable supply chain management. The focus of the manufacturing industry has shifted on the quality and efficiency.

With the big shift in the manufacturing sector due to the technological revolution. Many industries are coming forward to take a jump by investing in new technologies. With changes in production, a customer’s demand is also changing. It is becoming more volatile. Shorted products cycles, diverse and a need to get hands on a product as soon as possible.

It won’t be wrong to say, with the evolution of cutting-edge capabilities, big manufacturing factories are not moving towards the data-driven factory where designers, operators, and consumers can share all the data from the first to last step.

It is even possible for operators to access any type of material that is required and work with robotic technology. This all occurs while they rely on the modernized technology of virtual instructions such as glasses and headsets. This results in a higher rate of quality work and personalized product with no defects.

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Top Tech Solutions in the Manufacturing Industry:

Here are the technologies that are making a big name in the manufacturing industry and taking this world by fire.

1. Cloud Computing

The main question that ran in everyone’s mind when they hear about “cloud computing” is – is it essential to have or is it outdated now? Cloud storage is one of the top advanced technology that is widespread in many top industries. Additionally, the cloud platform is a vital component of the modern manufacturing industry. It allows a user to store all the data and important information wirelessly.

Companies can sit and relax while the data will be automatically replicated on the cloud storage. It is like a backup for all the information over a wireless network that allows keeping important information secure. Computers are a form of machine and in this case, can crash anytime. In these cases, cloud computing can save you as all your data is secure. You can access it from any other computer by logging into your account and recover it from the cloud.

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2. Augmented Reality

Computer science and computer vision have gone a top notch over time. Engineering and information technology has come up with such an advanced version of the technology that allows manufacturers to use real-time information and guidance as per their requirement. An employee just needs a pair of goggles that contains instructions, information, and text.

The data is displayed to them on lenses through which they can read it and then perform a complex task on the floor of a factory. There can even use something like a goggle that can provide a set of instructions to a worker for them to perform a complex task. With the help of augmented reality, this is possible with accuracy and precision. It even warns workers or tells them when the risk is levied.

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3. Mobility

Now, since technology is just our fingertips away, hence it is possible to access functionalities and data through mobile phones. This has given an advantage to workers that can get information anytime and anywhere. Then there is are wearable devices that are becoming second nature of manufacturing units. These objects are providing hands-free and inexpensive working experience in factories.

A technology that has managed to surpass other technologies is – mobile ERP. The factory production unit is combined with all the armed devices such as RFID, Sensors, Bluetooth, Beacons and many of the communication technologies. These techs are increasing at a wide range with wireless data sharing and visibility of operations. They have managed to become a way through which machine efficiency and inventory movement is calculated.

With the help of these techniques, the mobility factor has increased making it possible for manufacturing units to efficiently complete their task. This results in an increase in the rate of production of a factory.

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4. 3D Printing

In a span of short time, 3D printing has managed to grab a lot of attention from manufacturing companies. Since 1980, this automation technology is around. With a large size of machinery and slow processing, it was not given much of a time or space. However, with so much advancement, printing has managed to change the shape of manufacturing units.

Now, it is possible to develop the parts and components with complete precision and accuracy. With new capabilities, these machines are used to increase the production run and size of parts. This results in the immense use of 3D printing technology at a large scale. Even military defense companies are claiming to develop it in such a way that allows production of parts in the middle of a battlefield.

3D printing machines are affordable units that are used to develop complex, efficient and highly customized parts. Also, the products developed by 3D printing are stronger, lighter and take less time to assemble. You don’t even have to buy multiple machines to cover all the task. A single machine is capable to produce items for product lines with required limit – few or many.

Additionally, 3D printers allow for point of consumption printing or point of assembly. There is a lower number of a barrier for the manufacturing of items that open up many supply chain opportunity.

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For implementing manufacturing technology, you need to take a practice and realistic approach to understand the use of these technologies in your operations and business requirement. It is recommended to research before grabbing any opportunity if you aim to improve your productivity. Get these technologies into your business now and see the remarkable achievement your business will have.

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