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How to Use CallRail for Analytics and Tracking Phone Calls?

Call tracking is a must for any serious business, but there are many options out there — and it can be difficult to know where to begin. With so much information available, it’s often hard to understand what’s relevant or even true. At the end of the day, all you want is a simple solution that integrates with your marketing stack — and that makes your life easier. See why we think CallRail is the best call tracking software on the market!

1. Call tracking

CallRail is founded on the philosophy that you’ll get more out of your marketing budget if you invest in these three key areas: CallRail focuses on keeping its marketing in a sustainable state with technology. In short, it understands the power of mobile devices to connect individuals with the right advice and offers a free mobile app that lets you track calls and get insights. The icing on the cake is CallRail’s superior call tracking software.

2. CallRail

CallRail is a call tracking and analytics platform that helps marketers see how well their marketing is working by tracking calls generated by their marketing efforts. When someone calls your business from a marketing ad, CallRail gives you data about the people who called, such as what ad they saw and how long they were on your page.

CallRail is what will set you apart from the crowd:

Not only will CallRail show you how well your marketing campaign is doing, but it will also show you data on how many people are calling, how long they are on your page, how many ad campaigns they are driving, and much more. The CallRail platform contains both Google Analytics and Facebook Insights, as well as conversion tracking tools.

CallRail is known for its quick turnaround and reliability, and it’s been a sought-after partner for all of our call tracking needs. The CallRail excels at helping businesses with all kind of business from small to big to get insights on their performance. From Google Ads to SEO, CallRail handles these goals. It also helps you track pipeline management, PIP requests, invoices, emails, and much more. Chris is a true data and analytics genius. He was able to quickly figure out we were having a problem with our call volume and provided his team with a clear diagnostic to work on. Chris never stops improving the CallRail platform and constantly adds new analytics and collections. His team never runs out of ideas and answers questions with original data and insights. In short, Callrail is calling data savior and it will set you free. You Might Already Have a ProblemCause either you’ve overburdened your call tracking with too many calls, or your data isn’t being tidied up properly.

3. Features of CallRail

CallRail is a call tracking platform that has several features that make it a great tool for anyone who wants to track calls for their business

2. Multi-function calls tracking is where you can see open, call, and missed calls. These tracking tools let you know what positions the phone has been in, as well as what calling device it is currently on. The caller ID lets you know what person is calling — so if a direct sales rep is calling you, you can let them know who’s calling. You can even save every conversation on that device for the future. You also have an “Are you there?” function that lets you know who else is on the call, how long they’ve been on the call, and which one of you is talking!

3. CallRail also has multi-function call log and ticketing features. The multi-function tool is where you log expenses and see how much the customer has paid for a call. The ticketing tool lets you view how long the customer has been on their account, and details such as This makes it easy for you to see how well your customer is using their CallRail account — not only with call tracking, but also expenses, call types, and billing. 

4. Additionally, if you want to earn referrals for future customers, you can set up automatic free trials and charge customers for the length of the trial. CallRail says it’s best for “Medium and larger businesses within sometime of initial installation”. CallRail’s plan allows you to have unlimited Calls tracked.

4. Integrations with other software, such as Infusionsoft, HubSpot, and Marketo

Many people have never heard of call tracking, but it’s a powerful tool that can provide you with crucial information about your business. If you don’t know about call tracking but are interested in getting the most out of your marketing dollars, then this article is for you. The new era of marketing requires a new approach to the way you communicate with your customers. You can’t just rely on email anymore. A marketing analytics tool like the CallRail is necessary to integrate with CRM like Infusionsoft, HubSpot, and Marketo to track the calls. The benefit of CallRail is that it integrates with both email marketing software and marketing automation platforms, which makes it easy to become a first-mover on conversion optimization. On top of email marketing, CallRail offers the ability to send push notifications for targeted landing pages or even emails that land on your personal website. The CallRail Integrator software offers the ability to track huge calling data at a single time and comes with free online demos and an in-depth 30-day evaluation period. CallRail charges a certain dollar depending on the offered capabilities. After that, you have to pay every time you upgrade your license. Upgrading takes just minutes — which is essential if you’re just getting started with CallRail.

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