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How To Make Your Email Campaign Look Appealing with BEE??


There are quite a few email design software available in the current market, but not all of them are really up to the mark. Bee is an innovative and efficient email designing software that helps you create gorgeous and professional emails with ease. Bee is a free, simple, and intuitive email designing software that enables you to create professional-looking emails in minutes. It is an ‘all-in-one’ email designing tool that allows you to create and design emails without the need for any coding or technical knowledge. If you are a beginner, then this tool is just the perfect fit for you!

1. What is Bee?

2. How to use Bee?

Bee is the drag and drop email marketing software that allows you to create and send beautiful emails. It’s easy to use, and it’s free. It has more than 500 professional email templates to choose from. Businesses can use these templates to design their email campaigns as per the desired categories like industries, usage, and marketing automation. Bee aims to be the best drag-&-drop email builder for designing mobile-responsive emails, quickly and easily, anywhere.


  • BEE Free: No signup required. Design a gorgeous email instantly.
  • BEE Pro: An upgrade from Free. Create, collaborate, push to ESPs.
  • BEE Plugin: Embed BEE to bring awesome email creation inside your Web app.

Bee stands for “Best Email Editor”. That’s the ambitious goal that we set for this project. Made with lots of passion between the United States and Italy, BEE is used both online here at beefree.io and embedded in hundreds of SaaS applications. First of all, you need to signup on Bee to get started then you can easily design email campaigns using email templates. One of the biggest strengths of the BEE editor is that it provides creative professionals with tremendous design flexibility.

This is achieved by separating the concepts of Settings (which apply to the entire message), Rows (which can be added, removed, copied, saved, and moved), and Content (individual content blocks: images, text, buttons, etc., which also can be added, removed, copied, and moved). Apart from this, there is a resources library on the website where you can get help for editing the email templates and image templates. You can also get assistance for adding and modifying content, layouts, designing patterns, editing messages etc. You can now embed BEE plugin instead of the long signup process. You can easily get started with Bee plugin by following these simple steps: 

  • Initializing BEE Plugin
  • Bee Plugin application authorization
  • Configuring the editor
  • Extending the editor
  • Initializing the editor: create, start, and load
  • Displaying the editor

3. Why Choose Bee?

Have you heard of the new email designing software, BeeFree? It’s a new tool that allows users to create professional-looking emails and newsletters from scratch. And it’s pretty awesome because of its amazing features. Here are few features of Bee that will amaze you:

1. It’s a very useful and easy-to-use program that allows you to design and send emails to your customers. 

2. This software is very user-friendly and can be used by anyone, which means no coding required at all. So you do not have to worry about the technical aspects as it’s a simple drag and drop email designing software.

3. It is also very cost-effective, so it’s a great choice for small businesses.

4. It engages customers immediately and resolves issues such as abandonment of shopper carts, high bounce rates, and general consumer frustration.

5. Bee email designing software is a great way to get your business off the ground. It is one of the best tools to send out mass emails. 

4. How to Create an Email with Bee?

To create an email with Bee, you have to follow these steps:

As a beginner, you definitely do not want to invest a lot of time in perfecting your emails, and this free email tool lets you do it quickly. Once you have your designs, you can export them to other apps such as Inline or Microsoft Word. Or add your images and selected colors into your layouts and send off your emails. All you need is a bit of time! As an added benefit, you can start receiving emails from your clients directly into Notion for easy collaboration without further coding! If you are impacted by any email fraud scams, then you might want to be aware of these few free tools that have helped businesses in the past. If you are moving your entire business online then it’s good news for you to start receiving emails. Why would you not start receiving emails for your online business and if you need to quickly create professional-looking emails then there is a tool for that. With BEE you can create professional-looking emails that are easy to send and easy to read.

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