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How Engagement Affects the Instagram Algorithm and How to Encourage Followers to Comment on Your Posts

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Like most social networking platforms, Instagram is constantly updating the way its algorithms work. However, one factor that has never changed is the role one’s reach and engagement rates play in working this algorithm in an account’s favor. Currently, Instagram’s algorithms work based on:

  • When posts are created.
  • Who engages with the posts and when?
  • When users log in and use Instagram
  • How frequently users use Instagram
  • What searches are being created.
  • Engagement rate between creators and followers. 

Are you looking for ways to beat the system and turn your Instagram account into a trending and popular one? The best way to do this is to create content that will organically encourage your followers to engage with your posts. But we all know this is easier said than done. So here are a few tips on how to get your followers to comment on your posts

  1. Consider Including Auto-comments in Your Instagram Strategy

If you cannot generate the kind of engagement you desire on your content, you may need to invest in services to boost the engagement. Commenting on a post gives Instagram algorithms a strong signal in favor of the post’s quality. Hence, consider supporting auto-comments to share your post a boost in its visibility. An auto commenting tool or service gives you the ability to select a list of phrases you would like to use as comments. These are randomly generated on posts by the tool or service after that. Well-crafted Instagram auto comments can be great conversation starters. In addition to widening your reach, these can be used to invite organic comments from your real-time followers.

  1. Respond to Audience Engagement

The best way to build traction on your posts is by being an organic contributor to the engagement traffic yourself. Check for audience responses on your feeds and be prompt in responding to them. Appreciate comments and likes. Answer any queries put forward. Be civil to trolls if you spot any. Also, remember to acknowledge mentions and shares in your comments. In addition to the number of comments, the timing of comments is also important. The quicker your response time, the higher up on user feeds your post will be visible. To ensure that the maximum number of followers see and have the opportunity to engage with your post, you can also think of using an auto-response tool to thank and acknowledge comments left on your posts. Of course, you must remember to manually check your messages as well to ensure responses match the comments received. 

  1. Ensure Your Content Has Good Visual Quality

A post that can catch your follower’s eye while they are scrolling up their home feed is a post that is likely also to attract good engagement in terms of likes and comments. Attempt to create visually arresting content by putting up high-quality photos and videos. If you are using filters to make your visuals more appealing, experiment to check which filters get you the most engagement rates. 

  1. Post Stories and Captions That Invite Comments as Call to Action

Instagram Stories have several inbuilt tools that can be used to create surveys and polls. You can use the same techniques and post surveys and polls on your regular posts too. Invite your audience to pick and choose between different options. Ask them to comment on your feed with their responses. Remember that asking your audience to engage with your post directly is entirely valid and even preferred when building an organic relationship with your followers. It helps in building your brand image, as well as in increasing your reach and impressions. 

  1. Organize Contests and Giveaways with a Call to Action

Whether you organize a contest on your own or do it in collaboration with fellow Instagrammers, Brands, and Influencers, invite your followers to participate by leaving comments. Make comments a mandatory requirement for qualifying as a participant in the competition. For example, you could invite your followers to post answers to a question you ask, fill in a blank, caption a photo, pick a choice among several options, or even tag other Instagrammers to participate in your giveaway. Prizes can be an excellent lure for making followers leave comments and help you widen your reach on the platform. 

  1. Use Comment Battles

Comment battles are a fun and creative way of boosting engagement. You provide two opinions and encourage your audience to pick and choose sides with either one. To avoid legal issues, steer clear of creating political battles. Also, try not to indulge in sensitive subjects. Think of light-natured battles. For instance, you could post an ambiguous image and ask your audience if they see a dog or a flower. 

  1. Go Live

Instagram’s Go Live feature is a valuable tool to use in your Instagram marketing strategy. You can not only build your audience’s trust by providing them the opportunity to see raw and unedited footage of your content in real-time, but you can also build brand credibility using this feature. Unlike traditional video sessions, Instagram live sessions need not be very formal. You can choose to make it unique to your tastes and creativity, as the feature allows you enough room for experimentation even as you broadcast. You can use stickers, memes, photo slides, and animations to make it more fun and interactive.

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What is more, your audience can communicate directly with you during live sessions via comments. As a result, live sessions are boosted up to the top of Story rankings. Hence, if your followers are online at the same time, they are sure to get a notification of your live session starting. Even if your followers may have disabled the message in their settings, it is hard for them to miss the live indicator around your profile ring on the story feed, as you will be featured right on top. Encourage your audience to ask questions and leave observations as you proceed with your live session. Directly ask your viewers to comment into the session and pin up relevant comments on your screen when you respond to them. This not only gives your audience a sense of value but also widens your audience reach. To maximize your audience outreach and to drive more comments to your Lice sessions, consider collaborations and hosting LIVE rooms. You can co-host with up to 3 collaborating Instagram users. This means your session gains visibility with the followers of each person you collaborate with!

To Sum Up

The more comments your posts, videos and Stories receive, the more social proofing you accumulate as an Instagram account. Comments trigger others to leave comments, thus creating organic traction for viewers to interact with your content. The more people engage with your posts, and the better Instagram algorithms become for your post and your profile. Calls to action are an easy and creative way of directly driving more comments on your Instagram posts. Use them to build your engagement rate and to grow your brand’s presence. Think creatively, and you will soon be beating Instagram at its own algorithm game!




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