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3 Wearable Trends Worth Noticing in 2018

Wearable technology is evolving at a rapid pace. With smart watches and bands gripping their place on every wrist, the industry leaders are expecting an explosive growth in the wearable market. With the bullish trend in growth and evolution of the technology, we can expect the smart devices to soon become a common part of our daily lives. In this article, we’ll explore some wearable trends that paint the future of the wearables and Consumer IoT.

Statistic: Number of connected wearable devices worldwide from 2016 to 2021 (in millions) | Statista

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Smart Watches to Become Intelligent:

Smartwatches are expected to become much smarter than they currently are. As of now, these watches work as a supporting device to amplify the mobile experience but we’ll soon see the watch as an experience altogether. With the future watches, we can expect services that will not only match mobile but might replace the need for one in the first place.

We can already monitor health records and daily activities using our watch in future we would be able to use these insights in a more usable form. For instance, we can measure our blood glucose levels, link it to our calendar, monitor our stress levels throughout our schedule and identify meetings and people who give us the most stress – neat, isn’t it?

Another way the wearable tech would evolve is that it will become the go-to solution for managing other IoT devices. The workplace and homes both are moving to intelligent devices. These devices demand a complementary platform that helps the user to remotely control them. While mobile and web is the obvious choice we might also see smartwatches taking a seat at the table.

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Healthcare Bringing Out the Big Guns:

Data is important in every aspect of life and so is the case with healthcare. Doctors can largely benefit from a second by second insights on the condition of a patient. With advancements in the wearable tech, we can accumulate intricate information to answer various health-related concerns like the impact of a new drug, after operation condition of patients, daily monitoring of sugar levels and blood pressure etc.

Wearables are becoming a great tech to save both time and resources of hospitals. For instance, a new product the Zephyr Anywhere’s BioPatch, a small FDA approved device, can be attached to a patient’s chest to monitor their condition and provide medical-grade data to the concerned doctors. This can further generate alerts on nurses’ smartphones and watches helping in a more intensive care and nurturing.

Wearable IoT will also make great strides in helping the differently abled. IoT can effectively be incorporated in artificial limbs, wheelchairs, and other supportive devices. A company Resound builds such smart hearing aids. One of its product ReSound LiNX2 is the second gen aid that allows the wearers to control their hearing using an iPhone app. We can aspect more sophisticated innovations in this space in future.

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Glasses, Clothes and a lot more:

Smart glasses are already in the market and are making quick progress in providing an engaging user experience. With the ability to augment the surroundings we finally have a comfortable tech that can offer mixed reality experience. With Google, Microsoft, Intel all making efforts towards evolving the glasses we can soon expect to see more sophisticated and affordable products in the market.

If you noticed except for glasses most of the wearable initiatives are fitness-centric, meant for the people with big pockets and thick wrists. Thankfully, now companies are coming with a much more sophisticated smart wearable – clothing. The smart clothing offers a much broader scope of data collection and can offer insights with higher accuracy and greater depth.

One such company making visible efforts here the OMSignal. They currently have a  range of smart sports shirts for men and smart sports bra for women, both of which can track typical fitness metrics like steps, distance, along with many other unique measurements like fatigue levels, breathing efficiency, and the effort your body is putting into the workout. Apart from glasses and clothes, we can also expect other smart wearables like helmets, shoes etc.

This is just the beginning of the smart era and we’ll soon see a deeper penetration of wearable IoT into our lives. As the technology becomes cheaper and more secure the smart objects will become a part of our lives just like mobile phones and motor car.

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