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Create a Dating App Like Tinder: Comprehensive Guide, Cost, and Features

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The population of the world is growing at an exponential rate. But this growth is not a good sign as people are getting alone and depressed. The stress level has spiked up. That makes dating apps very popular and effective. You can start any kind of relation through a dating app. It is the new way of not just finding your soulmate but for some great friends too. In the present time technology has taken over everything, With such an evolution, dating and meeting someone online is the new trend. This trend is growing effortlessly and it is a good time to try your hand at it. There are almost over 80k websites for online dating that makes the competition very stiff. But when it comes to a dating application, the audience didn’t have many options to choose from. This reason makes this market open for anyone willing to jump into it. This article will help you to create an Online Dating App Like Tinder.

Comprehensive Guide

Here we will look at how you can create an app like tinder and can Know More About Dating App. 

Sign Up

The first thing you will see is a guide that will understand the working of the app. Then you have to Sign up either using your email or with any other social media account.


After signing up it’s time to create a profile. A profile also has some other sub-features like- verification of the profile through several ways, editing profile by adding profile picture, credits, and boosts.

Finding People

With help of the location feature, you can find the best match for you that is nearby your location. Adding interests and enabling GPS will make the experience effortless.

You got a Match

Matching is the feature that is the base of the dating app. This basic feature needs user’s info, like/reject, view user’s profile info, and so on. The algorithm of matching starts from the preferences and interests filled by someone in their profile. AI based systems understand the interests of a user by keeping an eye on the people they like or dislike. They are offered a lot of profiles to find the best one for them.

Chatting Option

After liking someone’s profile, it’s time to initiate a conversation. The app must have the following features-  User’s connection view, view of connected user’s profile, chats, video call, and sharing videos and images in the chat box.


No one wants to waste their time on fake profiles. There should be a profile verification process to ensure that the profile is legit. Most of the applications don’t offer this process. It takes a bit of time but it is worth it for a better user experience. A report and block feature should also be there to help people fight against injustice.


You can’t afford a delayed response. You must react as soon as someone shows interest in you. Not reacting on time can be a loss. A push notification thus can be your savior. It is a “must-have” feature in your app to make it more effective.

App Settings

There are few things that need special attention like the ‘about us’ option beneath terms and conditions. Contact support and center. Notifications setting and filters to find people, delete account option.

Types of Dating Apps

There are three basic types of dating apps divided on the basis of their functionality. You can choose according to your resources.

App with Geographic limit

This app sets a limit or domain in which users find their matches. All the suggestions will be in the vicinity of the user. They can select an area in which they desire to see the profiles. Tinder is also an example of such a type.

App for Niche

You can create an app for a specific niche. In such a type, the competition is comparatively low and you can easily create a huge audience base without any problem. So get a unique idea and create an app.

App based on Matching

This works on the feature of interests and preferences, it finds the most suitable profile from its database to match. This ranks users on the basis of popularity or attractive traits. The person liked by more people will have more viewers and will rank higher.

Things that make a dating app successful

Data Security

The profile of the user hides a lot of data about the user. The data is very personal and its security is essential. It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that the data of its user is all safe. There are past incidents of data being leaked. Such an incident can harm the reputation of your app and can result in the loss of users. Hence the security of data does play a key role in making your app a success. Spend a bit more in concealing the data of your users.

Well implemented verification

There are several options available for creating a vast profile verification. You should go for the option that fulfills your technology and security needs. Your option should be ready for the future. Try creating some effective policies that can put a full stop to any fake profiles.

Required Time & Cost

A customer app generally takes around 1447 hours to develop. The total cost for developing an IOS app like tinder is around $50,000 and if you also want an app for the android platform then there will be an addition of $25,000.

Final Takeaways

This was a guide on Dating App Clone Script or how to create a dating app like Tinder. There are several apps like Tinder, Badoo, Happn, and Facebook dating which are well established and popular. However, this domain offers a lot of possibilities that you can take leverage of. You are now aware of the features and costs required to make a successful dating app. It is time to create an innovative and effective dating app that can stand out. You can make a profit from such apps as they are highly popular and profitable.




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