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CrankWheel: The Best Remote Desktop App

CrankWheel is a remote desktop application that provides an easy way for you to access your computer from anywhere in the world. Just install the CrankWheel client on your PC or Mac, and you can access your machine from any Internet-connected device. You can run applications, open files, and even control your machine’s desktop. CrankWheel uses 256-bit AES encryption and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to protect your data and keep it private while you work remotely.

1. What is CrankWheel?

With the rise of mobile devices, the need for a remote desktop app became apparent. Remote desktop apps are extremely helpful, especially for those who work from home or travel frequently. CrankWheel is a remote desktop application that allows you to access your computer from anywhere in the world. It’s perfect for those who work from home, or for those who need to access their computers from a different location. It’s a great tool for people who need to work on their computers while away from home or the office. If your job requires you to work on the go, you know it can be difficult to be productive without the right tools. Are you frustrated by the lack of control, keyboard shortcuts, and mouse compatibility of other remote desktop applications? CrankWheel remote desktop application is there for you that makes accessing data and applications from your desktop as easy as using any other mobile app. Its simple interface and cloud-based access remove much of the frustration that comes with traditional remote desktop applications. For five tips on how to use CrankWheel for fun and profit, check out this article. This remote desktop application is designed to be intuitive and secure. The entrepreneurs have taken great efforts to ensure that their app employs the best security measures possible to give everyone peace of mind while using it in potentially insecure environments.

2. Benefits of a remote desktop application

A secure remote desktop application should operate in a private, secure environment and protect your data as sensitive as possible. They should not expose your personal information or personal emails (unless they’re mentioned explicitly and used correctly). For remote access to your terminal services, use a server that is exactly matching to your corporate’s security requirements and usage. Systems running Windows, Linux, and macOS are supported for remote access to Windows, macOS, and Linux. We recommend people use CrankWheel remote desktop application. The bottom line is that secure remote access makes you safer by securing your email and personal information. If you’re looking to take some steps to protect your information, you’ll want to invest in a good virtual private network (VPN). Not only will a VPN increase security, but it’ll also ensure secure browsing and file transfer through the use of secure 256-bit encryption.

3. How does CrankWheel work?

AlthoughCrankWheel is a remote desktop application and allows you to connect with the team remotely but it focuses mainly on connecting the sales workforce. You can effectively cut your sales cycle in half with instant screen-sharing with Crankwheel. Try their zero-hassle no-download screen sharing, tailor-made for sales teams who need to connect with and convert hard-to-reach prospects. Prospects view using any browser — desktop or mobile. This software helps you reduce time-to-close on cold prospects. By using the Chrome Extension, you can show your prospects your screen on either their mobile device or desktop in less than 10 seconds. Yeah — it’s that fast and reliable. Even though the software is powerful, CrankWheel is still extremely easy to use. Your sales team will only need to spend time practicing their pitch; not fumbling around with the screen-sharing tool.

Moreover, you can add a “Call Me Now” button to your website to get the agent’s call at the moment your prospect requests it. Perfect for businesses who need to immediately be able to respond to new leads the second they hit the pipeline. CrankWheel operates over bad network connections, on obscure devices, and even old browsers. Mac, PC, iOS, Android, Internet Explorer, Blackberry – it simply always works!  What are you waiting for? Give CrankWheel a test-run and see for yourself just how easy it is to instantly share your screen with distracted or less tech-savvy prospects. We think you and your sales team will be so blown away by how easy and fast CrankWheel is, that you’ll want to start onboarding it for the entire team.

4. Amazing Features of CrankWheel

CrankWheel is a new Kickstarter software designed for remote work control. Apart from quick connectivity with the remote desktops, this software has many other features. Here are the important features:

  • 1) Screen Sharing: It offers features like Live sales presentations which show your product to customers in real-time, answer their questions, and present solutions to their concerns. Also invite customers to join by sharing a link, e-mailing them, or sending an SMS. The Conference calls features let you invite customers to dial a local number in any of 72 countries. It works every time so you’ll never again ask “can you see it yet?”. As a screen-sharing session progresses, people’s attention drifts away. The Live preview shows you where your customers zoom in, when they become inattentive, and any delay they are experiencing and allows you to react accordingly. Targeted sharing. By selecting to share only the content of a browser tab, program window, or entire screen you have control over any “extra” notifications that might get displayed, keeping software sales professional, every time!

2) Remote Control: One of the best remote control software which is easy to use along with a lot of features. It is compatible with all major operating systems and works on all devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. As part of their easy screen sharing, with no preparation, you can grant your viewer remote control to have them temporarily take the wheel to learn how to use your solution

3) Instant Demos: They also have the feature of an instant demo mechanism for finding an agent to call inbound leads within seconds, and seamlessly screen share when needed. Responding quickly equals many more sales.

4) The software has Embed and Integrate feature to integrate CrankWheel’s different APIs with your website to retrieve usage information, for accessing advanced functionality of Instant Demos, for sending URL-based email campaign, and also to partner with their program.

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