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Castanet: LinkedIn Engagement Technology

While LinkedIn is a valuable tool for business professionals, it’s common knowledge that the majority of users are not taking full advantage of this social media platform. And it’s no wonder; the user experience is less than optimal on several levels. Castanet was created to help you do more with your LinkedIn profile and attract new customers with your existing content. By creating a more efficient user experience, we’ve helped our clients: increase engagement, build relationships, and generate sales leads.

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful platform for business-to-business communication. The platform has been evolving since it was originally launched in 2002. In the past few months, LinkedIn has announced a number of exciting new features and enhancements such as new opt-in messaging inbox, new SEO capabilities, and enhanced lead generation advertising tools. Together, this represents a huge opportunity for marketers looking to improve the effectiveness of their B2B marketing strategy.

1. How to integrate your LinkedIn profile with Castanet

Personalize your update message depends on your industry or business. Your messaging may need to be very specific depending on your audience and problem statement. Even if your reader’s response time is eye-blinkingly fast, they may have other things going on in their minds that are wasting their time. If your message is too similar to another client’s profile, they will likely scroll past your message and move onto the next profile. Instead of spamming their mind with your messages, tailor them to your needs, so that you can personalize your message accordingly. 

Schedule the content you create on Castanet to be shared at a few time intervals before your audience has a chance to respond. These are some of the things you can do to improve your customized messaging: The goal of your message is to appeal to the reader via an emotional appeal. The tone uses different words and phrases, shapes the story to look like news, and influences the reader’s decision on whether or not to read your message. Castanet can help your analytics tool track your success. Castanet cultivates leads in the background, leaving you free to close deals. “It’s like having a marketing pro on staff, managing your LinkedIn profile.”

2. How to use Castanet to improve your LinkedIn profile

3. How to attract new customers with your existing content and build relationships through engagement on LinkedIn

1) There are a few ways you can attract new customers using your existing content. The first way is to use LinkedIn groups to attract new customers and build relationships with people in your industry. LinkedIn groups are a great place to meet like-minded people who share your interests and can help you promote your business

2) Alternatively, you can also create LinkedIn Learning opportunities, which have a 90–150 minute duration and help you teach others more about your niche. They can be referred to as “linear-likes” or “avid-followers”. These users spend significantly more time reading and learning about your topics rather than just clicking through your content.

3) Once you create an account on LinkedIn, encourage yourself to create as many LinkedIn Learning opportunities as you can, spread them across different accounts and blogs, and monitor your results. This is what will help you create a sustainable, profitable brand strategy that delivers maximum value and engagement. 

4) Additionally, 3–4 Weekly digital marketing messages can significantly increase your reach and increase the quality of your provided content. Once you have created powerful LinkedIn experiences for your existing content, you can begin to attract people with an enriched user experience. As many have discovered with their user experience, having 3–4 curated weekly digital marketing messages is how you drive engagement.

We’ve seen engagement increase after introducing a weekly routine. Besides a few minor changes, the content algorithm still rewards status updates based on past activity. This is why it is crucial to describe your brand consistently so that it will be perceived by LinkedIn as effective. Our research showed that two weeks of consistent and coherent brand storytelling boosted message recall by 76%. As you can see, one newsletter can significantly impact your LinkedIn brand and sales.

4. How to generate sales leads for yourself or your business

If you’re looking to generate sales leads for yourself or your business, here are some ways you can do it: 

1. Use social media as a way to connect with new customers. Social media gives you the opportunity to connect with new customers and potential clients. Use LinkedIn for this purpose.

2. With Castanet create a cross-promotional Strategy that includes LinkedIn. By creating a social media presence that consists of several different avenues of sales, you can connect with prospects on a deeper level and turn them into customers. 

4. Use Linkedin to stay connected with former clients. Castanet allows you to engage with former clients and stay connected emotionally on Linkedin. By establishing a connection with them, you can reconnect on a professional level and share best practices so that you can avoid future issues.

You need to do everything you can to create an effective LinkedIn profile and to attract new potential customers to your business and brand, and all this can be easily done with Castanet. To avoid looking spammy, copy your content and titles exactly the way you would if it was a business email and then give it a white-labeled LinkedIn treatment. By doing this, people will realize that what you’re listing as your skills and experience is what you’re really good at, and what you can offer your existing clients.

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