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Bitcoin, The Income Equaliser


Introduction to Bitcoin as the Talk of the Town:

Bitcoin is the new talk of the town. You may be wondering about is it really new? Well, while Bitcoin has been in the market for quite some time, it has gained this immense degree of popularity in the last few years. Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the whole world, and has put a halt on the development of the world economy, it is a cryptocurrency that has been not only a lucrative career option in certain ways but also an income equalizer true to its all-inclusive approach! 

Inclusivity of Bitcoin:

When talking about bitcoins, when cannot possibly forget that this area of digital money certainly does not restrict itself to a particular strata of the society. The speciality about the cryptocurrency market is that it inherently takes cognizance of people who are representative of almost every class that you can possibly think about. It is from where we can conclude that the Bitcoin market also largely takes up the responsibility of equalising the income in today’s time.

Why was Bitcoin Invented?

If we take a simple look at the history of Bitcoin, we will come to know that the primary motive that Bitcoin was invented with was to substantially reduce the immense gap between the different income groups of the society. However much, we have to keep in mind that the Bitcoin dollars have at points been a Too expensive for the middle-class investors in the market. If we talk about the USS, it is no mystery that the financial gap between different sections have only grown in the last few years, and the middle class have constantly been fighting with the hassles of inequality. In the following section of the blog we will take a short look at how Bitcoin can substantially help in developing the conditions of the middle class, thereby introducing the element of equalising.

Bitcoin as the Equaliser:

  • To begin with, Bitcoin gives you unparalleled authority which you an investor, and not make you feel answerable about every single thing you choose to do in this domain. In most cases, given in the social class that you belong from, you will be allowed or denied your authority. Bitcoin does not believe in such power hierarchies.
  • There is a great degree of transparency involved in how Bitcoin as a world-ranked initiative performs, and this transparency helps the middle class from not being exploited by the upper classes of the society, simply with the use of the prior acquired wealth.
  • In order to be in a position where one will not be exploited, it is really important to reflect a certain degree of financial literacy, which could be lacking at times. Good news is, with Bitcoin, one can simply acquire this literacy, especially after 2020, which is famously known as the pandemic year in the history of the world. This further enhances the chances of equalisation. We know, knowledge is power!
  • Last, but not the least, bitcoin has the capability to travel to all parts of the world, and provide each such part with economic benefits. This mobility that Bitcoin has, only and only makes room for a chance of equalization, which otherwise goes missing. 


In this blog, we tried to tell you more or less all that we consider important about how Bitcoin functions as an economic equaliser especially after 2020. Given financial inequality creates a number of problems, and only makes the rich richer, while enough funds do not reach all parts of the world where it should, Bitcoin is an easy solution that people are largely opting for today. Thus, Bitcoin is called a superpower, could we also call him the new era Robin Hood? To find out more, go to profit revolution!




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