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Best Tips for Managing a Social Marketing Strategy


Are you currently operating online and finding it hard to attract new customers? Well, the solution lies in your social media marketing strategy. Keeping it static is going to take you nowhere. You will have to keep tweaking it to increase the engagement. Here are some tips for you: 

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Design Campaign Goals

Social media management can be successful only if you have established correct and accurate goals. It would help if you never aimed for something that falls outside the focus of the business. For example, if your brand needs growth, you must design goals that will help increase it. So, how are you going to come up with these without losing the trail? Well, keep them “SMART”! This means that they should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. This is the only concoction that you must remember when you are in the planning phase.  If you want a job related to social media management, then do use the resume writing services.

Here are some examples for you to see for yourself how the difference between good and bad goals: 

  • A bad goal that is prone to failure: Drive traffic to the website and be socially involved. 
  • A better example of the above-stated goal can be: Increase website traffic by 15% and the engagement by 20% within two months 

Where is your audience present? 

Before firing up the canons of social media posts, you must conduct an analysis. It is integral to see where the audience congregated. The campaign can only become effective after you have identified the platform. So, how can you make sure where to attack with the creative content? For starters, use pre-existing analytics. You can perform surveys and even monitor online discourse. There are tools like HubSpot that help you with the monitoring process. Businesses can only be successful in this modern age if the decisions taken are data-driven. You will also be able to pinpoint the conversations going on. Using such insights, you can design the content that will grab your potential and existing customers’ attention. You can also go the extra mile by creating a buyer persona. The target audience that you have identified for your business will be reflected in this persona. Basically, it is like an image of your ideal customer.

Plan of Action

Managing social media requires a clear plan of action. You will have to establish parameters. This means that you will have to lay out a detailed schedule of posts. Before you do this, you must design the content. The voice that you will use and the overall idea should be in line with the overall goal. Try to refrain from self-promotions. You have to focus on conversations and engagement. You can even ask opinions or ideas from a sample audience from the overall target segment. While trying to develop an effective social media plan, you must not exclude any of the teams. Keep this area “open for all”. Who knows that an employee from floor six, who works in finance has a great campaign-related idea. Another point that you should note here is that you must establish a content resource team. 

Use metrics and tools

Social media marketing requires constant scanning. You will have to glean the data that you gather and extract information from it. So, where can this data be found? All of the famous platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, provide you with it. You can easily check the growth rate regarding the followers and your channel, page, or group’s overall engagement. Google Analytics is another option. You can check the sources that are the cause of that increase in website traffic. There paid sites, too, such as Hootsuite. You can use them to design posts well ahead of time and build reports that are easier to understand.

Know your audience 

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The content is designed for a set of audience. It is crucial to learn and research about them beforehand. What are their needs, wants and desires? It would be best if you had answers to these questions on your fingertips. You can better understand the target segment by surveying the audience. Look at the demographics and psychographics. Go through online forum conversations. Do reply to all of the comments that you get on the posts. The best way to get feedback is to monitor inbox DMs and comments constantly. If you haven’t enough time, ask a professional writing service to write an essay in 1 hour.

Come up with exciting contests

This strategy is seen under action on most of the Instagram accounts of the “influencers”. Brands can use this too as it helps increase brand visibility, followers, and overall engagement. You can schedule giveaways or sweepstakes. These can be cash-based, or you can keep bundles of your products as a prize. But! Before you move along with this, remember those goals. What do you want to achieve? If it is the number of followers, then try to design a contest that will involve your existing audience bringing new followers. You can also include the tasks of “share it on your Facebook” and “like our Facebook page”. Suppose you want to promote a new product. Then you can plan a contest such as “post a creative hashtag related to your brand” or you can ask them to “post one word that comes to your mind when you see our brand logo”. The winners will get your product as a prize. This is a win-win for you. Think about it! You get creative insights in terms of hashtags and overall sentiments whilst getting a chance to get your product out there. You can check out your competitors’ strategies to stay competitive and one step ahead of them. 

Carefully craft the social media content 

Before you start with the content, you must check out the top social media apps 2020. This is because every application serves a different purpose. The content that you post on them must be thought out very carefully. If not, then the posts will go rolling down the hill, and so will your goals. If we take the example of Facebook, it can help you in connecting with your target audience. You can post short videos and pictures on Instagram. Once you understand each platform’s purpose, you can choose the ones that will mesh well with your brand. 

Social Media Analytics

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It cannot be stressed enough, but here it is again! When it comes to social media managing, analytics is your magic wand. If you want to know what your audience is saying about you, use social media listening tools. “Netlytic” can be used to analyze tweets, YouTube channels and much more. These precious insights will help you in designing effective content strategies.  


Now that you have gone through the tips, you will have a better idea about how you can nail social media management. It is integral to set goals, and that too should be kept SMART. Use social media analytics to your benefit to stay one step ahead of your rivals.




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